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The primary goal of the Dallas County Manufacturers' Association is to provide the local manufacturing community the best possible opportunities to grow, compete and succeed in the global marketplace through providing resources for qualified workforce, training, and advocacy at the local, state and national level. This Resource Guide serves as an overview of opportunities and services made available through the DCMA. 

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According to the structure of the Garland Economic Development Partnership, the Chamber of Commerce maintains primary responsibility for workforce development in Garland. Many of the opportunities to fulfill this role come from strategic programs made available through the Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association. The DCMA, as a part of the Chamber, acts as a liaison between local employers and educational institutions to facilitate the training and continued education of a sustainable, qualified workforce through the following initiatives.

  • Workforce Recruitment

    The DCMA has made a commitment to work alongside Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas, Inc. to facilitate an easy-to-navigate, effective process to match qualified candidates with positions in local businesses. This unique job-matching system invites employers to share information about open positions, which is then communicated to industry peers through the DCMA and to trained candidates through Workforce Solutions and the Dallas County Community College District. Workforce Solutions remains hand to assist employers in candidate screening to ensure each candidate placed is a compatible match for the job.

  • Workforce Training

    A variety of training options are made available to local employers through the Garland Chamber’s extensive network of partnerships, including one with the Dallas County Community College District. The Chamber office is co-located with the Richland College Garland Campus, which facilitates direct access to grant-funded training for DCMA member companies. The Association also collaborates with Richland to offer training to DCMA members through the DCMA Leadership Academy, a program that teaches management skills to a company’s employees being considered for internal career advancement.

    The Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association has two local partners in the Dallas County Community College District that provide quality training options for member companies of the DCMA.

    Richland College Garland Campus
    675 W. Walnut, Garland, TX 75040
    For information, contact Konley Kelley, Assistant Dean of Corporate Services, at (214) 360-1222
    Workforce Training Course Specialties: Industrial Maintenance Training, Six Sigma Green Belt, Leadership, Customer Service, Machine Operator and Office Support Specialist

    Do you have work experience but lack the skills you need to advance? Or maybe you want to switch careers and train to do something new? Consider the 
    Free Job Training available through DCCCD

    Eastfield College

    3737 Motley Dr., Mesquite, TX 75150-2099
    For information, contact Janet Foreman, Account Manager, Center for Corporate Solutions, at (972) 860-7175. 
    Workforce Training Course Specialties: LEAN Manufacturing & Administration, Heavy Equipment Operator, Warehousing & Distribution, OSHA Safety

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I get connected with GISD student interns?
    A: See Special Programs for the Student Career Expo and the work of the Education Task Force

    Q: Who do I contact to get my employees involved in the DCMA Leadership Academy?
    A: Contact Diane Whitlock, Office Manager, at (469) 326-7447

    Q: I’d like help filling a position at my manufacturing business. Where do I start?
    A: For general job postings, DCMA members may log in to the Member Information Center and post the position to our public online job board. For specific matching assistance, contact Paul Mayer, CEO, at (469) 326-7444 to get the ball rolling.

Best Practices:

One of the primary functions of the Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association is to provide an industry-exclusive forum DCMA serves as a forum where manufacturers can meet regularly with their peers to address crucial issues facing modern day manufacturing and prepare for future challenges and advancements in the industry. Through a series of regular, roundtable-format discussions, the DCMA invites its member companies to engage with each other to share best practices on topics such as workforce, lean manufacturing, technology and legislation. These forums also offer an informal opportunity to network and build business-to-business relationships.

  • Leadership Forum

    Executives and Plant Managers representing the diverse categories of manufacturing in the Garland business community gather regularly to discuss issues within the city that affect growth and sustainability for the industry. Local government officials, educators, utility providers and others may be brought in to inform the group and develop an understanding of concerns.

    Functioning as the DCMA Steering Committee, this group of industry leaders also guides the Association’s overall direction and strategy.

  • Human Resources Forum

    Individuals employed by local manufacturers and serving in a human resources function are invited to collaborate with their peers in an HR-focused, monthly roundtable event. Topics include wages and benefits, supervisory training, hiring policies, healthcare, worker productivity, and others.

  • Safety Forum

    One of the DCMA’s most active groups is a gathering of safety professionals. This group gives dedicated, focused attention to employee and workplace safety by regularly exchanging best practices for training, accident prevention, lock-out-tag-out procedures and others. The goal of this forum is for each company represented to assist and learn from their peers as they pursue eliminating reportable safety incidents.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I’d like to participate in one of the DCMA forums. How do I get started?
    A: To get plugged in to a forum, simply contact Diane Whitlock, Office Manager. Please note, forum participation is only available to manufacturers.

    Q: I have an industry-relevant topic I’d like to share with a DCMA forum. Is there a way for me to get involved?
    A: Speaking opportunities in DCMA forums are limited and closely monitored in order to maintain the integrity of the exclusive Association. If you have a message that is relevant to a specific group, contact Diane Whitlock to learn more about potential opportunities.


Through the Chamber’s extensive network, the Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association maintains access to key influencers, elected officials and policy experts in order to provide timely, relevant information and support on those issues affecting the local manufacturing community and the industry as a whole. The DCMA acts as a liaison between businesses and the government to foster positive relationships of ongoing communication and support.

  • Local Advocacy

    The professional staff at the Chamber works with local regulatory agencies on issues that include building inspection, fire codes, street repair, parking, utility costs and service, zoning, health regulations, and many other issues that cause concern for businesses.

  • State and Federal Advocacy

    Through the Chamber’s Legislative Committee the staff and committee members are able to address legislation impacting local business. Common topics addressed include tax rates and changes, transportation, and environmental issues.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I’d like to make the Chamber aware of a particular regulatory issue my business is facing. Who should I contact?
    A: Please contact Paul Mayer, CEO, at (469) 326-7444

    Q: I’d like to request advocacy on a particular legislative policy. Who should I contact?
    A: Please contact Karina Olivares, President, at (469) 326-7474

Special Programs:

Manufacturers represent a unique and prominent business sector in Garland, one which requires strategic, specialized programs in order to be relevant. The Garland Chamber, through the Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association, provides a unique set of events and involvement opportunities allowing industry professionals to engage with the community through a highly relevant set of programs.

  • Manufacturing Day

    As part of a national initiative to highlight the true, technologically advanced nature of today’s manufacturing industry, the Chamber and Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association participate in Manufacturing Day with a day-long celebration. Manufacturing Day begins annually with an invitation-only appreciation breakfast, followed by tours of local manufacturing plants and training facilities. The tours, speakers on critical topics, and involvement of local government officials brings the concerns of manufacturers in Garland into sharp focus with key influencers in the community.

  • Education Task Force

    Due to the strength of the Garland Chamber’s partnerships, as well as the Garland Economic Development Partnership as a whole, the Chamber has been able to develop a cooperative initiative between the Garland Independent School District and the Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association to strategically influence the pipeline of Garland’s developing workforce. The Education Task Force organizes job shadowing, mentoring and internship opportunities with hand-picked students interested in manufacturing.

  • Career Expo

    The Garland ISD Career Expo is a full-day program aimed at exposing high school students to the many career options within local businesses, including the manufacturing industry. Each year, more than 40 employers are invited to meet hundreds of students and share the variety of employment options available right here in Garland, Texas.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I’d like to have a student intern at my business. Where do I start?
    A: Begin by creating a job description of what you’d like the student to be responsible for, then contact Paul Mayer, CEO, at (469) 326-7444 and he’ll get you connected to the appropriate instructor who will pass along promising young candidates.

    Q: How can I sign up to be a sponsor for Manufacturing Day?
    A: The Chamber begins collecting sponsors each year in August for the annual event, which takes place on the first Friday of October. Contact Liza Ceniceros, Project Director, at (469) 326-7477 for details.

    Q: How do I get involved in the Career Expo?
    A: If you’d like to participate as an exhibitor, contact Paul Mayer, CEO, at (469) 326-7444 for details.

Business Development:

The Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association exists in large part to encourage and enable sustainable business operations in the industry. The Association’s goal is to provide the local manufacturing community with the best possible opportunities to grow, compete and succeed in the global marketplace. These resources provide additional support to the full suite of initiatives provided by DCMA.

  • Manufacturing Directory

    In response to popular demand, the Garland Chamber of Commerce will soon make available a complete listing of all manufacturers in Garland. This list will not only assist manufacturers in finding local supply-chain partners, but will also facilitate a community understanding of the vast capacity and diversity of industry in Garland. The process of developing and maintaining a full manufacturing list allows the Chamber and Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association the opportunity to grow the manufacturing community through consistent engagement.

  • Direct Referrals

    True to the Chamber’s tagline, “The Connecting Source,” the staff is able to direct its local businesses to customers, resources for financing and business planning, and many additional avenues to help grow and sustain local business operations. Businesses are encouraged to build relationships with Chamber staff members so the organization may maintain awareness of current and upcoming needs.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can I access the Manufacturing Directory?
    A: At this time, the manufacturing directory is available to Chamber members by request only, in Excel format. Please contact a Chamber staff member to request a copy.

    Q: How can I make sure my business is on the Chamber’s referral list?
    A: As a membership organization, the Chamber always refers its members first. Should your business be interested in Chamber membership, please visit the Join information page of our website.


The Garland Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be able to offer select services to local manufacturers, all of which are accessible at no charge for DCMA members.

  • Certificates of Origin

    The Garland Chamber of Commerce has revised its policy on the issuance of Certificates of Origin, effective Jan. 1, 2012. The changes are as follows:

    The Certificate of Origin must be filled out completely and notarized before being presented to the Garland Chamber of Commerce. An Affidavit of Origin and Indemnification Agreement must be signed by each company officer and presented to the Garland Chamber of Commerce. This document can be signed yearly and will be kept on file for our records. This document must be provided to the Chamber before a Certificate of Origin will be issued.

    Download the Affidavit/Indemnification Agreement

    For Chamber/DCMA members, as part of their membership, there is no fee for each certificate stamped. Members must be in good standing.

    For Non-members, there will be a fee of $40 per certificate stamped and an annual $250 verification fee. Non-members are required to undergo a company verification process before the Chamber is able to certify any documents. Companies have the option to join the Chamber for a minimum of $500 annually. Make checks payable to the Garland Chamber of Commerce.

    Please adhere to the following steps to ensure timely processing of your Certificates of Origin:
    1. Make sure you are filling out the proper Certificates of Origin for the country to which you are exporting.
    2. Make sure you fill out the Certificate completely and accurately.
    3. Make sure that the product information listed is verbatim to what is on the invoice. Do not leave off product number, quantities, or descriptions. 4. Do not alter the Certificate in any way.
    5. Have the Certificate notarized before having the Chamber sign it.
    6. Do not wait until the day of your shipment to bring in your certificate.

    Check with the Chamber office prior to arriving or any time during or near the holidays to confirm someone will be available to stamp the Certificate. The office number is (972) 272-7551. The Chamber staff member has the right of refusal for any document that they feel does not meet the Garland Chamber's guidelines.

  • Notary Services

    The Chamber offers Notary Services, free of charge, to DCMA members. There is a $6.00 cost, per page, for non-members. A Notary Public is a public servant appointed by state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths. You must present a current identification document or card with a photograph, physical description and signature to have a document notarized. Please contact the Chamber at (469) 326-7447 for notary availability.

Additional Industry Resources:

Though the Dallas County Manufacturers' Association offers a wealth of robust and relevant resources to local manufacturers, we also recognize that the many organizations throughout the state and the nation also have much to offer. These organizations are like-minded to the DCMA in serving a mission to support the growth and sustainability of the manufacturing industry.

  • National Association of Manufacturers

    The National Association of Manufacturers is the preeminent US manufacturers association as well as the nation’s largest industrial trade association, representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states. The NAM understands that its role as the most influential U.S. manufacturers association is to be the powerful voice of the manufacturing community and the leading advocate for a policy agenda that helps manufacturers create jobs.


  • Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center

    TMAC delivers hand-on technical assistance and training to a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing, government, and health care. Focus areas include Lean Enterprise, technology solutions, strategic management, quality systems, environment and safety.


  • National Tooling and Machining Association

    NTMA’s mission is to help members of the U.S. precision custom manufacturing industry achieve profitable growth and business success in a global economy through advocacy, advice, education, networking, information, programs and services.


  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

    The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality strives to protect our state's public health and natural resources consistent with sustainable economic development.


  • Office of the Governor: Economic Development & Tourism Manufacturing Profiles

    The Economic Development and Tourism Division (EDT) of the Governor's Office markets Texas as one of the world's premier business locations and travel destinations. The division pursues business expansion and relocation prospects, with the goal of developing job creation and export opportunities for Texas.


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