10 Lessons in 10 Years

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Chambers are often known for celebrating grand openings with elaborate ribbon cutting ceremonies and welcoming new businesses to town. At the Garland Chamber of Commerce, we certainly agree that new business is a big deal, but we also recognize that in order to have a thriving community, it’s equally important to celebrate the success of the businesses who have called our city home for many years.

In June, Hawaiian Falls celebrated a momentous occasion of their own – 10 successful years in business. Amongst our great excitement, we wanted to pause the party for just a moment and ask Hawaiian Falls CEO, David Busch, what critical lessons he and his team learned in the first 10 years.

Here’s what he had to say:

  1. Believe — We believed our concept would serve the family, the marketplace and the Lord.  Bringing families closer together is not just a job... It’s our mission.
  2. Prepare — At the time Hawaiian Falls Garland was conceived, we had 30 years of experience and had researched and dreamed the who, what, where and how the concept would work.
  3. Listen — We listened to Jim Stone, managing director of Garland’s Parks & Rec; the city council and other Garland leaders as to the recreational and economic needs of the area.  Find a need and fill it!
  4. Recruit — We hired trusted, experienced “can-do” leaders who were not afraid of a challenge.  People who wanted to make a difference, built and operated the park.
  5. Commit — We were all in... no turning back.  Even to our last bit of energy and resources.  Once committed, we do it and never look back.
  6. Agree — We agreed on the purpose of the company, the goals of the park and the rewards for achieving our goals.
  7. Be accountable —We held each other accountable to “walk the talk” in all areas---spiritually, financially and relationally.
  8. Encourage — We never give up on someone if they are putting out an effort to do the right thing. We look them in the eye, give them a kind word and say, “thank you.”
  9. Trust — We believe in a high standard and know that people can be trusted if they believe in the mission.
  10. Pray — Every day, every hour, every moment, we know the Lord has the exact plan for His company. We are merely stewards with all He has entrusted us.

We congratulate Hawaiian Falls on 10 amazing years and look forward to supporting their success in Garland for many years to come. 

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