5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Workspace

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In honor of #NationalCleanOffYourDeskDay, we asked our resident organization expert, Liza Ceniceros, to jot down a few tips about how we could all improve our workspace. Check out her five simple tips to get your year started off in a great, tidy space!


Now that we are in the new year, how many of you have spent time at home cleaning your after-holiday mess, but no time at work on your desk clutter? When you spend most of your day at work, it’s important to keep your workspace organized. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve workspace organization all the while increasing your productivity.

Step 1

Keep clutter to a minimum – Many of us are overwhelmed with the million and one tasks in a given day and find ourselves writing reminders on post-it notes and pinning them to our monitor. Don’t do that! Those million and one post-it notes will only cause distractions. Instead, utilize technology! Most operating systems offer apps like Sticky Notes that allow you to have those same types of post-it notes, but organized neatly on your desktop. The beauty of Sticky Notes is you can color code them per task, and when you have guests in your office they are not presented with the eyesore of multiple post-it note reminders pinned to your monitor.

Step 2

Limit supplies on your desk – This goes back to eliminating distractions. Desks are equipped with drawers, cabinets, and hatches for a reason. Use them! Drawer organizers are perfect for storing pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. If you must keep an item on your desk because you use it frequently, position it within reach.

Step 3

Label, label, label! – This will help you find the supplies you’ve tucked away in your drawers and cabinets. It will also help your coworkers find things when you’re out. Labeling doesn’t have to be limited to your immediate workspace, it can also be handy with file drawers.

Step 4

Have fun with your workspace, and add some personality! – Keeping your workspace professional, but pleasant is always a plus. Add a photo or a plant. Whatever you choose to use, use something that makes you happy, just don’t over clutter. Remember, you must look at your workspace for at least 8 hours of your day.

Step 5

Maintenance is key – Now that you’ve spent the time to organize your workspace, maintain it. There will be days that it may look like your desk was hit by a tornado, that’s fine, just clean it up. Try to designate a time at the end of each day to clean up your workspace. It’s never a good start of your day to enter a messy office.

Keeping your workspace organized with minimal distractions will help you achieve maximum productivity because a happy workspace is a productive workspace!


Thanks to Chamber Project Director Liza Ceniceros for these great tips! 

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