6 Ways to Find, Hire and Keep Great Employees

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Help Your Employees Deliver Winning Performances Over and Over Again…Here’s How
by: Trey Finley, ActionCOACH

A common refrain in leadership is, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink.” To which employers say, “yeah, but I’m still looking for the right horse!”

Another common refrain: “Great leaders surround themselves with great people.” To which employers say, “I’d settle for a few good people to surround myself with.”

Hoping is not a strategy for finding, hiring, and keeping great talent.

We business owners are all looking for the right people to surround ourselves with. We’re looking for people who are willing to be led and to lead others. With that in mind, here are 6 things you can do to fully engage your employees and 6 qualities you can look for to hire and keep an employee with great potential. You may notice some similarities in the two lists.

Engage Your Employees
1. Help them grow professionally and personally, not just as an employee
2. Ask for their help in setting specific, measurable, time sensitive goals
3. Teach them clear “rules of the game” for working successfully in your business.
4. Coach them to write their own action plan to achieve the goals of the business
5. Support risk-taking and initiative, even when it doesn’t look exactly like you’d do it.
6. Get to know their personal life. 
Fully Engaged Employees
1. Are constantly learning and improving themselves
2. Work unsupervised towards specific, measurable, time-sensitive goals
3. Have shaped the way previous employers execute their operations.
4. Stay accountable to what they’ve agreed to take action upon
5. Have tried and failed at something new. 
6. Genuinely care about people around them.

Recently, at the Preakness Stakes, California Chrome lost in his bid to become the Triple Crown winner. In horse racing, you see, there are three big races. Rarely in history, and not since 1978, has the same horse won all three races in the same year. The reason for this is simple enough: each race is very different and requires a different set of strengths to win.

Very few horses are so versatile. None are born Triple Crown winners.

Just as “Triple Crown” horses are the rarest of talents, and just as the trainer and jockey take unrefined ability and make it perform, so the manager, leader, and owner must take unrefined people and turn them into employees who deliver with maximum impact.

Time to get “above the line” by taking ownership of your actions as a manager, leader, and/or owner. What kind of “trainer” are you? What sort of performance do you bring out in your employees? How many of those six actions does your business embody? What would your employees say?

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