Are You Ready for the 87th Annual Banquet?

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What better way to celebrate achievements in 2018 than to celebrate big! Join us as we celebrate the outstanding achievements of 2018, including recognition from the United States Chamber of Commerce as a 5-star Accredited organization, and look ahead to a new year of continued success.

Old Hollywood Glam Cocktail Attire

Do you remember Paul Newman? Marilyn Monroe? Henry Fonda? Katharine Hepburn?

We are channeling their Hollywood attire from the 1930 through 1950. What should you wear? We have that covered for you. Click on the links below to gain inspiration for your Annual Banquet attire.

Women's Attire

Men's Attire

Network During the Reception

This is the event of the year where business and community leaders want to celebrate with the Garland Chamber and the accomplishments met throught out 2018. The reception is the moment to talk to those individuals who you don't see on the regular. Here are a few talking tips on creating small talk at the Annual Banquet:

  • Do a little homework.
    • The guest list is open to all those who will attend the event. The staff can let you know who will be there and you can do your homework on who you want to meet.
  • Greet People Appropriately.
    • Handshakes are a neutral, and safe way to go.
  • Remember Names.
    • Repeat the individual's name two or three times to remember their name. 
  • Don't Hold Back.
    • Embellish your response. Add personal details to help the other individual remember you.
  • When in Doubt,  Discuss the Setting.
    • If you are running out of topics to talk about, mention the event environment.
  • Make a Clean Getaway.
    • If you need to walk away from a conversation, or find someone else you would like to talk to, end with "I've enjoyed talking to you, hope to talk to you again."


At this year’s Annual Banquet, there will not be a speaker. Instead, there will be entertainment such as live music, dancing, and casino tables.  Now if we are channeling the 30’s through 50’s with our attire, dancing is a must! Click on the links below to know how to dance to music from 1930 through 1950.

Swing Music

Rock n' Roll Music

Jazz Music

Table Manners

I know all of you are business and community leaders and know the proper table manners for a banquet, but here is a refresher:

If you have any questions about the 87th Annual Banquet, please contact Liza Ceniceros at (469) 326-7477 or at 

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Garland Chamber Awarded with 5-Star Accreditation

The Garland Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that after a comprehensive self-review, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has awarded us with 5-Star Accreditation. This prestigious honor puts us among the top 1% of chambers nationwide. Thank you for your support of our organization. We are honored to be recognized for our service to the Garland business community.

Brighter Horizons Academy

Brighter Horizons Academy IB PYP Candidate School - BHA is the largest full-time Pre-K through 12th grade accredited Islamic school in the South. Our mission is to graduate Muslim leaders and responsible citizens who are well prepared for college entrance and career challenges of the twenty-first century.

Hello! Deluxe Car Wash

Hello! Deluxe Car Wash implements the most advanced tunnel express car wash equipment, ensuring a clean, shiny, and dry vehicle every time at an affordable price. We are a family run business that takes care of our employees, customers and the community!

Green Business Financing

Successful businesses require consistent cash for ongoing operation such as payroll, supplies, new equipment and cash reserves to fund growth opportunities. Green Business Financing can provide immediate assistance by turning your accounts receivable into cash.