Eastfield College Needs Math Spot Tutors

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The Math Spot is an academic skills center that provides one-on-one assistance and group tutoring to students who are enrolled in an accounting, economics or mathematics course at Eastfield College. The tutoring may be provided face to face at our location or online, which benefit those students that cannot come to campus. The center also coordinates and provides study skills training for students.

The program is sponsored by the EFC College Readiness and Mathematics Faculty Members as well as qualified student tutors. The Math Spot has a faculty coordinator, which is responsible for hiring qualified tutors, creating tutoring schedules, as well as gathering the data obtained from the tutoring sessions.

This semester, there is a shortage of tutors available and the program coordinator is looking for volunteers to help satisfy the high need from Eastfield students. If you have skills in accounting, economics or mathematics and would be willing to donate your time to help students master the skills they'll need to enter these fields upon graduation, please contact Professor Leticia Escobar at 972-860-7082 or Math Spot at 972-860-7062.

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The Garland Chamber of Commerce staff encourages you to participate in this unique opportunity to play a first-hand role in developing Garland's up and coming workforce. Thank you for your willingness to serve our community.

To get connected to other volunteer opportunities, contact the Garland Chamber of Commerce at 972-272-7551 and indicate your interests.  

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