Garland Firefighters Association Helps Boy Scouts Fund Merit Badges

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The Garland Chamber of Commerce recently received this letter from our friends at the Garland Firefighters Association. The Association charters Boy Scout Troop 100 and the troop is seeking donations to help fund merit badge books that will help their scouts get the full benefit of their merit badge work. Read the information below for details about the initiative and ways you can contribute to the project.


BSA Troop 100 is proud to be chartered by the Garland Fire Fighters Association. We meet in the old firehouse at 6th and Avenue A in downtown Garland. Our troop is comprised of over 85 Scouts between the ages of 11 and 18. We are actively involved in service projects throughout Garland, Rowlett and Sachse. We're a very active troop, and one activity that's always underway at the Troop House is merit badge work. Boy Scouts learn a lot from their work on Merit Badges. Merit badges are required in order to achieve rank advancements, and they expose the boys to all different types of subjects that they might not otherwise learn anything about. Certain merit badges such as Swimming and the Citizenship merit badge series are required for the rank of Eagle. Many who were Scouts as youth report that their eventual career choice resulted from exposure to possible careers through the BSA Merit Badge program.

Unfortunately, there are too many boys that are unable to afford a continuous stream of merit badge books and try to do them without the book. The books are professionally written and contain EVERYTHING the boys need to complete the merit badge, so trying to accomplish it without reading the book will either fail, or will deny the Scout some important information he needs to learn about the subject. We are asking for donations to help us purchase a complete merit badge book library for our boys and their merit badge counselors to use. This will allow Scouts that can't afford a book to check one out for the duration of their work on that badge. The total cost for books, some additional shelving and an embossing stamp is $1554.00. We are just beginning our fundraising for this project.

Please help our less fortunate Scouts get the full benefit of their merit badge work! Your donation will go a long way to helping boys learn life skills and career choices that will ultimately make a big difference for their future!

If you or your company would like to donate, there are three ways.

  1. Visit GoFundMe and make a donation online. You can read more about our project there as well. The web address for our project is
  2. Make a donation to the Garland Fire Fighters Association designated for "Troop 100 Merit Badge Library." Donations made in this manner will be tax deductible. You can contact the Association at (972) 494-3622.
  3. Visit our Troop House any Tuesday night between 7:30 and 8:30 pm to see a bunch of boys having a blast and drop off a check with "Merit Badge Library" in the memo field.

Thanks for your consideration. Any size donation is greatly appreciated!


Steve Walker
Troop 100 Garland

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