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Beyond the things you already know, like hosting dynamic networking events and educational workshops, the Garland Chamber of Commerce also serves as The Connecting Source, a central hub where businesses can find solutions to their most pressing challenges and access resources to facilitate more efficient operations.

Because part of our mission is to be a role model for performance excellence, we operate under a carefully-constructed, collaborative strategic plan. Developed in 2014 with the input of community stakeholders, City leaders and member businesses, the Chamber set goals in place for the following major focus areas. The plan continues to grow and evolve as we find innovative ways to meet the needs of the Garland business community, but the intent remains the same; we’re here to help local businesses succeed. Check out a few of the Chamber’s strategic plan accomplishments from 2016.

Workforce Plan

Goal: The Garland Chamber of Commerce will act as a liaison between local employers and educational institutions to facilitate the training and continued education of a qualified workforce.


  • Participated in the Dallas County Community College District’s Compression Planning program to ensure post-secondary education curriculum aligns with employer-required skill sets
  • Expanded the DCMA Leadership Academy program to include a larger class size
  • Created a forum within the DCMA for employers to discuss workforce development opportunities

Small Business Plan

Goal: The Garland Chamber of Commerce will drive local small business owners to specialized resources and programming focused on long-term growth and sustainability.


  • Hired Christian Ostergaard, Small Business Specialist, to coordinate and manage initiatives focused specifically on Garland’s small business community
  • Followed up on Certificates of Occupancy to welcome new, start-up businesses to Garland and introduce them to resources available
  • Created an easily-accessible online video series to engage business owners that are unable to leave their location to come to traditional Chamber-hosted workshops

Business Retention Plan

Goal: The Garland Chamber of Commerce will work to maintain a clear understanding of manufacturers' needs and facilitate growth opportunities through efficient business practices.


  • Hired Ariel Boone, Business Retention & Workforce Coordinator, to coordinate and manage initiatives related to workforce development and the Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association

Marketing Plan

Goal: The Garland Chamber of Commerce will be the trusted source of timely, relevant information regarding opportunities for involvement and growth in the local business community.


  • Published SBDC success stories to share a true business owner’s perspective on the value of the free business counseling resource
  • Implemented a progressive engagement strategy for businesses exhibiting characteristics of those that traditionally benefit from Chamber-provided resources
  • Evaluated commonly appearing needs from existing members to assess the effectiveness of programs available and made necessary adjustments to maximize value
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