Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME)

Cohort 2 Signing Day | June 29, 2022

On June 29, 2022, Dallas FAME Chapter 29 welcomed their second cohort for the Fall of 2022 in collaborations with Dallas College | Richland and the Gilbreath Reed Career and Technical Center (GRCTC).

Signing Day was held at Dallas College | Richland where Dallas FAME welcomed nine new future Global Best Advance Manufacturing Technicians (AMTs). FAME is the Federation of Advance Manufacturing Education.  The Dallas FAME Chapter helps develop a pipeline that will allow the manufacturing community to grow their own AMTs through hands-on and education, elevating the demand and building a solid workforce to fill job openings.

The nine students in Cohort 2 will work with four companies in Dallas County. AMTs gain nearly 1,800 hours of experience over the course of the program, working three days and attending class two days per week. After two years, the students will acquire their Associate’s Degree, which includes a pay-rate increase. In collaboration with Dallas College | Richland, the students will attend study days to gain technical training. This training will be applied to the three workdays at their selected company. Across the country, more than 85% of AMTs are hired on full-time upon graduation.

“The Dallas FAME program has allowed business, high schools, and colleges to partner in preparing young adults to be Advanced Manufacturing Technicians.  This program allows these students to obtain an Associate’s Degree and to remain debt free while working at a sponsor employer.  This program is helping to prepare these students for their future by giving them skill sets that are not only technical but also the soft skills that employers are looking for.  Our associates at Plastipak are working directly on our production floor learning from our skilled maintenance technicians reinforcing their learnings from school.  We are looking forward to continuing to support this program,” the Plastipak shared.

“Since I started this program, I have brought significant new ideas to my work. I have started suggesting many great improvement projects to my team and team-lead, impressing managers with some of my ideas. I feel that Dallas FAME has made me a natural leader as well as a problem solver. My employer has expressed consideration for me to become the next generation in management. They have expressed that they would like to guide me into become an engineer that can help the company significantly,” a testimonial from Cohort 1 participant.

Dallas FAME will continue to grow and provide career paths for high school Seniors, as well as college students that strive for a career in manufacturing. The future is bright for the Dallas FAME students as more Manufacturers are looking to become company partners in our Chapter.



  • Initiates investment in your company and the next generation of advanced manufacturers
  • Facilitates employer-led partnerships between your company and local educational institutions
  • Establishes a channel for recruiting diverse, high-achieving and career-oriented students
  • Generates a continuous pipeline of global-best, entry-level multiskilled maintenance technician

Interested in Dallas FAME? Contact Paul Mayer to become a company partner.
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The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) was officially established in 2012 with the purpose of being a driving force in developing the future talent for manufacturers and employers of technical work. With the recent partnership of FAME, Garland ISD and the Garland Chamber, the manufacturers of Garland are in a unique position to find and develop their future workforce.


The purpose of the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) is to be the driving force for developing world-class technical talent for manufacturing and other employers of technical workers.  FAME strives to be a powerful conduit between industry and education.

Joining Forces for the Economic Development of Garland's Manufacturing Community

The Dallas TX FAME Chapter is working in partnership with Gilbreth-Reed Career Technical Center (GRCTC) and DCCCD's Richland College, to develop and implement a reliable pipeline of the next-generation of AMTs' that will aid in the economic development of the Garland Manufacturing Community.

The Junior/Senior students of the GRCTC are being invited to participate in the program, with the knowledge that if accepted, and meeting the requirement and qualification for the program, they will be able to start a career path with one of the participating companies.

To qualify for the program, the student must follow the rules, regulations, and meet the criteria of GRCTC graduation program, RLC application process, TX FAME application process, and participating companies’ application process, as determined by each entity. Please click on the TX FAME APPLICATION button to apply to TX FAME.

Program Overview

2 Year Associates Degree program, work 3 days and attend school for 2 days. As a participant in the AMT program, you will participate in hands-on training and education to develop you as a fully-rounded AMT, including:

  • Electricity, Problem Solving
  • Advanced Engineering Design, Math Science Blend
  • Manufacturing Engineering, Robotics, Professional Behaviors
  • Fabrication, TIG MIG
  • Outdoor Power Robotics
  • Other Specific Industry Skills

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