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The Resource Council is a group of experts sharing best practices for the Garland area manufacturers under the DCMA Steering Committee. Find below the most relevant trends.

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Waste generators and operators may benefit from fully understanding the potential liabilities on PFAS destruction to ensure holistic approach and business continuity planning.

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As a global leader, we discuss the current biosolids situation with PFAS inclusions, how industry regulations will continue to develop, why risk-based solutions are critical and why collaboration with all stakeholders are the best path forward.

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What can we expect from the evolving energy transformation landscape 2021? Our experts offer insight into the achievements of the ongoing global energy transformation. Read our predictions ahead.

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Today’s environment is pressing water utilities to harness #data in order to become more customer-centric. Discover the seven data management elements that can assist your organisation to make the paradigm shift from data silos to collaborative data use.

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Scarcity of resources and sustainability goals are driving major changes to the way industrial water users operate. Dr. Paul Bowen, Senior Water Consultant, shares trends and insights into the evolving industrial water market.

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COVID-19 and Your Taxes


Earlier this month, President Joe Biden signed into law the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act. Among the provisions included in the package is an extension of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

The ERC is a refundable tax credit that employers can claim for keeping their employees on the payroll. As a result of the American Rescue Plan, employers can now qualify for ERCs for each quarter of 2021 that their operations were fully or partially suspended due to a COVID-19 government order, or their gross receipts were less than 80% of their gross receipts for the same quarter in 2019. For each quarter of 2021, employers could receive up to $7,000 in ERCs ($10,000 in qualified wages X 70%), allowing for a maximum ERC of $28,000, per employee.

Garland Chamber member, Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs, have provided information about the difference between the ERC and PPP processes. Click below to find more information.

Webinar: Exit Strategies: Preparing Your Manufacturing Business for Transfer of Ownership

Date: May 11, 2021
Time: 10 - 11 a.m.

Business owners have a number of options for exiting their business and tranfering ownership. Join us for this webinar as partners from CRI and CRI Capital Advisors discuss these options and the importance of developing a strategic plan well in advance to prepare a business for transfer.

During this presentation, we will: 

  • Provide an overview of the options for a transfer of ownership
  • Discuss the various considerations involved with these options
  • Identify key operational areas that should be assessed
  • Detail the components of a well-planned exit strategy