Leadership Garland: Participants

Real Experiences. Real Results.

"The Leadership Garland program exists to develop and retain leaders in our community. The program provides development in the critical business acuity of most all facets necessary do be a good and active leader in the Garland community."

Barry Young
Oncor Area Manager, Chairman of the Garland Chamber Board of Directors
Leadership Garland Class XXXIII 

"Leadership Garland provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and perspective required to become an active leader in the community and make a positive difference in the lives of our citizens."

Bryan L. Bradford
City Manager, City of Garland, Texas
Leadership Garland Class XXXIII 

"The leadership program who helped me get out of my comfortable bubble. I remember one of our speakers talked about finding our passions and volunteering in our communites. My passion was running so I formed a running group in my neighborhood. I've met so many great people and I've formed lasting friendships. We encouraged each other and now here I am on my road to running the Boston Marathon. I don't think that would have been possible without the inspiration of Leadership Garland."

Rosalia Baker
Richland College
Leadership Garland Class 34

"Attending this class provided benefits I could not have imagined in the beginning. I have gone from believing that nothing I do can change the status quo to knowing that I have tremendous influence on what happens in this community."

Gloria Washington
Richland College
Leadership Garland Class XXIV

"If you plan to be a community leader, work with a community leader, or just get involved in your city activities, there is no substitute for the training you’ll receive as a member of a Leadership Garland class."

Joe Driver
Former Member of the Texas House of Representatives
Leadership Garland Class II 

"Leadership Garland is one of the finest training programs of its kind in the State of Texas. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to assume a leadership role in the public or private sectors of our community."

Linda J. Braga, Attorney
Past Chairman of the Board, Garland Chamber of Commerce
Former Garland City Council Member
Leadership Garland Class VII

"Through Leadership Garland, I experienced city government operations, gained knowledge of Garland’s history, and helped develop goals for our city’s future!"

Patty Granville Holcomb
Director of Cultural Facilities, Garland Cultural Arts Commission, Inc.
Leadership Garland Class V

"A Leadership Garland graduate is kindred to the 190 corridor-primed and prepared for development."

Tom Trenary
President, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Garland
Past Chairman of the Board, Garland Chamber of Commerce

Karina Olivares
"Let me help you discover innovative business services."

I direct the development and operational areas of the Chamber to carry out the organization's mission to be a catalyst for positive change in our community. Call me if I can help you cultivate relationships or discover services and programs to help achieve your business's mission.

Karina Olivares

President (469) 326-7474 Karina.Olivares@garlandchamber.com