Leadership Garland: Purpose

A Proven Track-Record of Success

Leadership Garland

Leadership Garland provides employers a comprehensive program to identify and train potential leaders within their workforce. Leadership Garland assists, encourages and motivates employees to develop important leadership skills.

Leadership Garland offers a cost-effective program with a proven track record of success. Over nearly two decades, Leadership Garland has graduated hundreds of corporate and civic leaders throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

With a modest investment of time and expense by the employer and employee, companies of any size and industry can gain tremendous benefits from participation Leadership Garland.

Civic Leadership Training

As one of the oldest and most respected educational training programs offered by the Garland Chamber of Commerce. Leadership Garland has the following objectives:

  • To inform the participants about Garland’s history, government, social needs, opportunities and existing processes for improvement.
  • To introduce the participants to and establish dialogue with each other and the current leaders of Garland.
  • To encourage participants to actively participate in future activities which contribute to the growth and betterment of the Garland community.
  • To provide current and future employers with a source of knowledgeable and trained leaders who can and will have a positive impact on the business community.

Personal Development Training

Leadership Garland

Leadership Garland provides individuals with a program that assists in the development of leadership characteristics and skills. Class members participate in various hands-on learning activities that help identify personal values, visions, and life-long goals. The program provides important concepts crucial to an emerging leader, ranging from problem solving to time management. Graduates of the program acquire a working knowledge of themselves as well as their community. In short, Leadership Garland not only produces leaders, it also enriches the lives of all who participate in the program.

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