Why Join the Garland Chamber?

Why should any business owner join the Garland Chamber of Commerce? Every serious business owner is always looking at ways to grow or better their business, and the Garland Chamber of Commerce is an organization that connects business owners with tools and resources to accomplish this. Here are our top reasons for you to consider joining our membership.

Top 5 Reasons to Join


  • Do you wish you were at all times one relationship away from growing your business? Being involved in our Chamber will help form and further relationships in the community. This will help you find referral partners, suppliers, and customers for your business. We will also get you involved with the City of Garland and Garland Independent School District.

"The Garland Chamber has been instrumental in the expansion of my business network. Events like Direct Connect, Manufacturing Day, the BOLD Speaker Series and the Annual Golf Tournament have created opportunities for me to interact with and get to know other business people in the region. As a result, I am better connected with the community and my business has flourished. The Garland Chamber really is the Connecting Source."

-Chris Merlick, Owner of Label Solutions Inc.


  • Are you worried about expanding your business or coming to Garland because of the permit process? The Chamber has established relationships with our government, elected officials, and city departments, including, but not limited to transportation, GP&L, permits, and pre-submittals. By being involved and connected with us, your business will enhance its reputation locally.


  • Do you feel that you have the best product/service no one has ever heard of? Very often our members wish that they could shout from a rooftop about their products or why someone should come work for them. We are constantly promoting our members through our community magazine, in our events, in our social media, and on our web site. Your business will be seen! An added bonus is the search engine optimization your website will gain from being a member on our site..

"I joined the Garland Chamber in 2015. I have enjoyed all the networking opportunities that the Garland Chamber makes available. Sponsoring golf holes, exhibiting at the Garland business expo, Direct Connect, business tours, and many other opportunities to meet good people. It is through the organic growth of being exposed to very nice and professional people that makes the Garland Chamber so special. The Garland Chamber provides a sense of community for its members. The Chamber provides easy access to getting answers to not so easy problems."

-Robert Gardner, Partner at Gardner Wallace Financial Solutions

Being in the know

  • Do you feel like you are the last person to know about what is going on in the community or wish you knew what the latest and best business practices are? Being involved will get you information on what is happening in our business community so that you are aware of the new companies coming to town or the latest resources to hit the businesses. We are also hosting speakers at our events to ensure you are in the know. Our manufacturers have an exclusive group to benchmark with their peers on best practices, workforce training, recruitment and retention, and keeping their plants safe.

"For both me personally and for our company, The Garland Chamber continues to be outstanding. The value of the information, benchmarking, and relationships provided within our business community through the “SPARK” lunches and the Dallas County Manufacturing Association are examples of the imperative benefits that the Chamber provides through membership. I highly recommend you consider joining us at the Chamber and allowing us to serve you to enhance all your business needs."

-Mark King, CEO & Chairman of Micropac Industries

Access to Staff

  • Do you spend time searching and trying to find an answer to business related questions? We have a team of 7 dedicated individuals who are more than happy to answer your questions. The Chamber has been in business for over 125 years and have been asked and answered most possible questions. With our combined knowledge, we will get you an answer or get you connected with who you should ask. Each staff member also brings their own skill set and can help you with be a second set of ears and eyes for ideas.


Here are the most common hesitations for joining a local Chamber

Takes too much time

  • We often hear that business owners are worried they have to attend every single meeting and be part of a committee to get anything out of joining the Chamber. This is not the case at all! After learning about your goals for joining, our staff will pick out specific events you should get involved in. All of our events are different and for a specific target audience, so we can help customize your experience. This typically results in 1-2 events per month for most of our members.

Cost is too high

  • Business owners typically spend 10% of their budget on marketing, and are always prioritizing which vendors to spend this on. As a Chamber of Commerce, we are more than just your marketing vendor. Our members file us under continuing education, training, marketing, employee satisfaction, and community involvement. Considering our dues are less than $50 a month at the Starter Membership level, our members will gain a lot of value with their investment.

Return on Investment

  • It is hard to determine what the ROI is from a Chamber membership since you will receive benefits that are difficult to assign a monetary value. How do you determine the value from finding a referral partner, or from implementing tools into your business that will help your efficiency? Our members look at the total package of benefits from their membership and involvement, and our current membership stays with us for an average of 9.5 years.


Next steps

If you are ready to join, these are your next steps:
  1. Pay the membership dues, either online by clicking the join button or by contacting us directly
  2. After processing your payment, we will send you our membership application
  3. We will also contact you to learn more about your business and start working on your customized involvement plan

If you are still uncertain about joining or need more information, please contact our Director of Business & Membership Development by clicking the button above.