Manufacturers Face Challenges as They Embrace Digital Transformation

Manufacturers face multiple challenges when embracing new technologies, from hiring skilled workers to upskilling current workers. The experts at Amatrol provide technical training solutions that can be utilized by manufacturers of any size to train workers in a wide variety of topic areas, from basics like electrical and fluid power to advanced subjects like automation and programming. 

As noted in a recent eCampus News article by Simon Leigh, Senior Manager of Design & Manufacturing Education Strategy at Autodesk, manufacturers everywhere “have embraced digital transformation in the workplace, welcoming in advanced technology, new tools, and greater efficiency” and leading “to the creation of new jobs and opportunities.”

Unfortunately, because of the ongoing skills gap in manufacturing, “the existing workforce isn’t equipped with the skills necessary for these emerging roles.” Where are manufacturers looking to fill these highly-skilled positions? They’re counting on today’s students about to enter the workforce.

This creates a daunting challenge for educators. How do you adequately prepare today’s students with both the foundational knowledge they need and the advanced skills manufacturers so desperately desire? Leigh, whose background includes curriculum development and teaching engineering, believes he has the answer.

He encourages instructors to seize the day with their students:

“The lessons that we teach and the skills that we build with them in this short time are the foundation for their careers and could mean the difference between them getting hired for their dream job or getting passed over for a more experienced worker. At this crucial junction, educators have a powerful opportunity to equip students with real-world skills that they’ll use every day in their jobs. That’s why it is so important for us to understand what the most valuable skills are now, and what they will be in the future.”

Leigh strongly recommends partnering with local industries to learn firsthand what skills are needed now and into the future. Then, educators “must incorporate practical, hands-on learning opportunities for students to fully grasp design for manufacturing skills.” He also encourages instructors to “embrace less reliance on traditional degrees and welcome more specialized certifications developed in partnership with industry.”

Manufacturers must seize the day by partnering with local educational institutions to ensure that the skills they need are being taught. Moreover, they must take responsibility to upskill their current employees so that they can make the most of the new technologies they’re implementing, such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, augmented and virtual reality, and advanced robotics.

While the task of preparing workers for successful careers in manufacturing during a time of digital transformation is a difficult one, manufacturers don’t have to shoulder the burden alone. The experts at Amatrol have been working alongside industry for years to design unique training programs featuring eLearning curriculum and hands-on industrial trainers.

This combination of foundational knowledge and practical, hands-on skills is essential to give learners the edge they need to be successful in a manufacturing career. Moreover, Amatrol offers a wide variety of training programs featuring the latest technologies. For more information about how Amatrol can help you prepare your students for the future of manufacturing, contact an expert at Amatrol today!

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