Manufacturing Partner: A Brite Company

Good people embody great values. Great values build principled organizations. Principled organizations elevate good people.

Dan Dunigan, President of A Brite Company is a fiercely loyal individual — loyal to his employees, loyal to his customers, loyal to his city, state, and country — but to understand Dan, you first have to understand his father, Frank. After twenty years in management at a Fortune 500 chemical company, Frank was ordered to lay off his entire team due to an upcoming corporate merger. Rather than do the unthinkable, Frank put his career and life savings on the line by starting his own company, A Brite, and hiring his entire original team.

That’s the environment Dan Dunigan grew up in and it explains why A Brite feels more like a family than a business. Starting as a teenage groundskeeper and gopher, he rose through sales and upper management to his current position as owner and president. Today, A Brite manufactures a host of surface cleaning and finishing formulas, including their newest line of Ameri-Kleen consumer cleaning solutions.

Loyalty Begets Loyalty

Since the erosion of traditional supply chains, A Brite has traded on their longstanding relationships with suppliers and pivoted into brokering chemical components that other manufacturers cannot easily obtain. In essence, their loyalty to suppliers has paid dividends of return loyalty, which they’ve built on to overcome unstable supply chain issues.

Dan also readily expresses his loyalty to the Garland Chamber and DCMA for their help and guidance over the years. That’s a large part of the reason A Brite turned down a larger facility opportunity in Dallas some years back. For more information about A Brite and their product offerings, visit

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