2019 Bond Program

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At the upcoming election, the citizens of Garland will have the opportunity to vote for the ideal bond package. The bond program has been in the works since August 2018. After many City Council meetings and bond studies, the bond referendum totals $423,700,000 and contains eight separate propositions for various improvements. These are the eight propositions that will be on the May 4, 2019 election day ballot:

Proposition A

Amount: $122,250,000

Purpose: Designing, acquiring, constructing, maintaining, renovating, improving, repairing, extending, expanding, and enhancing streets within the City, that may include:

  • Shiloh Road – Kingsley Rd. to Miller Rd.
  • Naaman School Road – Brand Rd. to SH 78
  • Holford Road – Arapaho Rd. to Creekwood Dr.
  • Lyons Road – IH-30 to Guthrie Rd.
  • Leon Road – North Garland Ave. to McCree St.

Also for additional streets, thoroughfares, alleys, sidewalks, bridges, intersections, screening walls, streetscape, wayfinding, fixtures, entryway signs beautification and other public ways, participation in joint projects with federal, state and local public entities and agencies, computerized signalization and monitoring equipment and other traffic controls, grade separations, street lighting, necessary or incidental utility relocation, and drainage improvements in connection with the foregoing and the purchase of land, easements, rights-of-way, and other real property interests necessary.

Proposition B

Amount: $51,350,000

Purpose: Acquiring, constructing, improving, expanding, and equipping public safety facilities, that may include:

  • Police Evidence and Property Facility
  • Fire Station No. 1, Fire Station No. 6, and Fire Station No. 7
  • Police Training Facilities and Shooting Range
  • Police Station Security Improvements

And including any needed land and rights-of-way.

Proposition C

Amount: $47,350,000

Purpose: constructing, improving and repairing storm drainage facilities and improvements within areas of the City, that may include:

  • Garvon West Industrial Park
  • Country Club Park Estates
  • Lakewood Addition
  • Montclair No. 2
  • Saturn Springs Estates
  • Undesignated Areas Requiring Local Flooding Mitigation and Drainage Improvements

Proposition D

Amount: $117, 750,000

Purpose: Renovating, constructing, developing, improving, expanding, furnishing, equipping park and recreational facilities that may include:

  • Audubon Recreation Center
  • Garland Senior Activity Center
  • Holford Recreation Center
  • Hollabaugh Recreation Center
  • Rick Oden Park Facilities and Equipment Improvements Aquatic Facilities and Equipment Improvements

Also, for constructing and improving park system parking lots, trails, roads, sports fields and facilities, public squares, water features, playgrounds, other supportive infrastructure facilities at or integrated into parks, recreation, and community center facilities, and acquiring any needed land and rights-of-way for park improvements.

Proposition E

Amount: $21,000,000

Purpose: acquiring, improving, expanding, renovating and equipping library facilities; that may include:

  • Relocation and expansion of Walnut Creek Library Branch
  • Modernization and Upgrades to Central, North, and South Garland Branch Libraries

Proposition F

Amount: $46,000,000

Purpose: Promoting economic development throughout the City, through planning, designing, constructing, improving, extending and expanding public street, utility, and other infrastructure facilities, including the acquisition of land therefor, and through the City’s programs for economic development, including the acquisition of improved and unimproved properties, the demolition of existing structures, making grants of bond proceeds and otherwise providing assistance for private commercial, industrial, retail, residential and mixed-use development, neighborhood revitalization projects, and mixed income development.

Proposition G

Amount: $6,000,000

Purpose: Constructing, improving, renovating and equipping existing municipal facilities buildings.

Proposition H

Amount: $12,000,000

Purpose: Constructing, improving and equipping animal shelter and control facilities, including the acquisition of land.

For more information about the 2019 Bond Program, visit the City of Garland website here.

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