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We're delivering some of our most important content in a brand new way! Check out the June edition of 3 Things You Need to Know (in 30 Seconds), hosted by Christian Ostergaard, the Chamber's very own Small Business Specialist.

  1. Now Accepting Applications for Small Business Grant Money
    The Garland Chamber, as part of the GEDP, recently launched a pilot program to offer a total of $50,000 in Small Business Grants to a limited number of business owners right here in Garland, Texas. Why? Because the Chamber, like its partners, believes a community’s growth is a reflection of the sustainability of each individual business. By lending a hand with some of the resources local business owners might need to succeed, the Chamber can encourage growth among the already vibrant small business community. Sometimes a little funding is just what business owners need to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

    Grants are available in three areas:
    • Marketing
    • Professional Services
    • Fixed Assets

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  2. Chamber's Newest Event, the Small Business Council Workshops, Offers Free Advice to Small Business Owners
    Small businesses in Garland face a variety of challenges, many of which can be addressed through a simple, candid conversation with a local expert. The trouble is, we see businesses every day that just don't know where to turn for help. The Small Business Council bridges the gap by providing a forum for entrepreneurs and experts to meet and discuss the business's most pressing issues.

    Monthly workshops are held at the Richland College Garland Campus from 8 to 9:30 a.m. Council members use their expertise to offer free guidance and advice with the goal of helping entrepreneurs become well-informed, well-rounded business owners, and to ensure the success of each business in the Garland economy.

    The Council consists of five local topical experts in the areas of marketing, managerial accounting, business law, banking, and insurance and financial planning. Business owners may attend monthly workshops where they can ask questions, discuss their business, and receive actionable tasks in any or all of the areas in which they need assistance.

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  3. Newsletter Changes: Update Your Profile
    For a good long while, we’ve been reminding you of EVERYTHING that’s going on with Chamber every single week. That’s a lot of information to digest. And let’s face it, sometimes you don’t have time to read through a whole Weekly Update to find the ONE event you really want to attend, or the ONE news story that will have an impact on your business.

    Check out the handy button at the bottom of your Chamber emails, UPDATE YOUR PREFERENCES. We have these really great lists set up that you can sign up for. Let’s say you love Direct Connect. If you want to be sure you get a reminder email about Direct Connect every month, just sign up for that list! 

    So here’s what you need to know:
    • You’re only going to hear from us as often as you want to
    • You can change your preferences any time by clicking on that button at the bottom of the email
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