Back to School Checklist for Parents and Teachers

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The kids have only been out of school for a month but sooner than later it will be time to buy school supplies, fill out the paperwork, and get organized for the new school year. Here are a few tips for parents and teachers to start preparing for the new school year.


  • Have a Fashion Show

You think, “New school year, new clothes,” but maybe not. To save a little money, have your children try on their clothes to see what they really need. The clothes that don’t fit can be donated or sold, and you can make a list of what needs to be purchased. Back-to-school campaigns start mid-July, so keep an eye out for coupons and sales.

  • Fill Out the Necessary Medical Forms

As we get closer to August, check your ISD page for any new or updated forms that need to be signed before school starts. This is very important if your child has a food allergy. Teachers and cafeteria staff can keep track of what to offer on the menu for necessary precautions.

  • Purchase School Supplies

As soon as you see Back-to-School campaigns, you know supply lists are available to pick up. Purchase school supplies early as many retailers will run out of stock before school starts.

  • Confirm Any Babysitter / After-School Care Arrangements

Many of us are working parents and will need a babysitter. Contact your previous sitter and confirm their pay rate and schedule.

  • Consider Purchasing an Alarm Clock

If your child is stubborn to get up in the morning, consider purchasing an alarm clock. Use the summer as practice time and as we get closer to school starting, gradually move up their bedtimes.

  • Plan Lunches

First, you’ll need to decide if new lunch boxes are needed. If so, look for the lead-free label. You can also start planning snacks they will be taking to school. Pinterest is a great resource for new ideas for snacks, lunches and easy dinners for when mom and dad are on the run.

  • Update Your Calendars

Once your ISD website is updated, find the school year schedule for dates children don’t go to school and testing days. Knowing these dates ahead of time will help you plan your work schedule around your children.

  • Enjoy These Next Few Weeks

Garland has many activities on the Square or at your nearest recreation center. Find something fun for you and your family to do together before the kids go back to school. Give the kids something to talk about on the first week.



“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” Mustafa Kemal Ataturk


Thank you to all the teachers who light the way for our children and take the time to teach. Teachers, it is time to think of the next school year! To help you out a little, here is a check list for classroom arrangements, organization, rules, first week and many other things.

Teacher Checklist

And now, to prepare for the next school year!

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