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The Garland Chamber of Commerce has helped business since 1895. For 125 years, this organization has lived up to its mission of helping the local business of Garland be sustainable by being the Connecting Source. The Chamber is here to connect business with other business and resources to maintain its mission. To get more information about resources, please contact the staff here. To know how to connect with other business, well you need to be involved in the Chamber. As John Rattan, 1997 Chairman of the Board, said, “First questions people would ask you is, why should I join the Chamber and what would the Chamber do for me? My answer always was, ‘Well the Chamber wouldn’t do much for you if you don’t get involved in the Chamber, but if you get involved in the Chamber you will grow your business.’” Here are ways to be involved in the Chamber.


Join us at our events!

The Garland Chamber hosts over 50 events each year with the purpose for you to network with other business. We have networking, luncheons, women, young professional and many more events that meet the Chamber’s purpose of being the Connecting Source. For more information about the Chamber’s events, download the full events calendar below, or visit our website here.

Events Calendar


Join a Steering Committee!

If there are some events you are more interested in than others and you want to be able to give input and coordinate events, joining a steering committee might be for you. The Chamber has committees for WBe, Propel, Leadership Garland, Legislative Affairs, and DCMA. To learn more about joining a steering committee, click the button below.



Become a Sponsor!

Each event the Chamber hosts is an opportunity for you to market your business to prospects. Talk to any of the staff and they will be able to direct you to events that have attendees in your target audience. If you know about the events and have an idea which one you want to sponsor, click below to fill out sponsorship forms and email back to the person indicated.

Sponsor an Event

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