Celebrating the Global and Local Significance of Manufacturing

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In honor of the upcoming National Manufacturing Day on Oct. 7, 2016, we’d like to recognize the significance of manufacturing in the global economy and express our gratitude for the positive impact of the industry in Garland, Texas.

Our city is home to more than 300 manufacturing companies. Those recognized as the Garland Top 100 alone make some major contributions to Garland’s tax base.

Total Tax Base from Top 100 Companies: $957 million

  • 9% of the tax base to the City of Garland
  • 7% of the tax base to Garland ISD
  • 10% of the total workforce in Garland
  • An estimated 31,000 service jobs created
    (2.5 service jobs are created for each manufacturing job)

If you’ve been around Garland for long, you know the city has had a strong manufacturing presence since the 1950s, and as the local economy evolved from agriculture to industry, numerous Fortune 500 corporations chose Garland as a location for their strategic operations. Today, residents and visitors can drive through town and see household names like Sherwin Williams, Kraft Foods and Daisy Brand.

And since we’re talking about household names, have you ever heard of Stetson? Stetson cowboy hats, along with many other well-known brands, are made here in Garland. In fact, in 2013, Garland was officially named the Cowboy Hat Capital of Texas because HATCO, Milano Hat Co. and Master Hatters of Texas, Inc. are all hand-crafting cowboy hats within our borders. Learn More

Much like the famed western headwear, many of the products made here locally are distributed around the globe. If you’ve been to the Olympic games, a Dallas Cowboys game, or even to an airport, you’ve likely walked through a metal detector that was made in Garland. Garrett Metal Detectors was founded in Garland in 1964 and more than 50 years later, the company is still proud to say that from content to completion, each Garrett product is produced in Garland. Learn More

Garland’s local manufacturing businesses have been supporting our economy through highly varied product production for decades. These businesses have widely diversified and highly specialized operations, presenting a unique opportunity for the Chamber to further its mission of maintaining a sustainable economy by interacting directly with professionals in the manufacturing sector. This is why in 2006, the Chamber founded the Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association.

The DCMA has evolved along with the needs of local employers over the last 10 years. As such, a top priority of the Association is the development of a highly skilled workforce. With the help of local education partners like the Garland Independent School District and the Dallas County Community College District, we’ve been able to implement programs like the annual Student Career Expo, Job Shadowing Day and the DCMA Leadership Academy. Each program serves a specific purpose in providing the necessary exposure and training to ensure local employers have an adequate, qualified workforce to continue to grow and thrive in our community as they’ve done for many years. Learn More

It is the Chamber’s goal to continually ensure Garland’s manufacturers have easy access to the resources they need to operate successfully, and while we’re specifically celebrating manufacturers on Oct. 7, the same is true for local businesses in any industry and of any size. Part of our mission is to act as the catalyst for positive change in the greater Garland community, and we accomplish that one business at a time. If we can help your business get connected to the resources you need to be successful, let us know. In the meantime, mark your calendar for Oct. 7, National Manufacturing Day, and thank a local manufacturer for helping make Garland, Texas a great place to be.

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