Taking Exercising to the Next Virtual Level

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Gyms were one of the first businesses to close doors due to safety concerns once the pandemic took full force. Exercising, personally, is something I don’t have the discipline to do on my own. I was concerned with how I was going to keep exercising a priority with no equipment, no colleagues, and no motivation. 3Q Fitness: Crossfit Garland came to the rescue. 

3Q Fitness, owned by Robert Selders, had to do what all other gyms did to protect their members: close doors. It took much brainstorming to arrive at the optimal process to communicate and motivate their Tribe members to continue to exercise at home. Before everyone was ordered to close doors, 3Q offered their equipment for rent. This was a big motivator for their members. Also, with each workout, the trainers would include alternatives for equipment. You don’t have a 15-pound bar? No problem. Fill up a backpack with books and you have yourself enough weight to do your workout. Equipment was being removed from the equation.

Motivation is the next in the equation. How can a gym keep the “hype” going? The 3Q Fitness found that it’s all in the details. They moved to host two Zoom classes each day, at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Every day at 7 p.m., before the work out the next morning, the trainers post a detailed description of the workouts. You don’t know what a move is, or how to do it? No worries, they have attached a YouTube video on how to properly do the movement.

Between the three trainers, they have split the Tribe members into accountability groups. Each group meets on Zoom or communicates through group chats to see how everyone is holding up and ask for feedback. This new process of communicating with their members has been a game-changer on building relationships and keeping the “hype.”

To continue the value of their membership, Robert and his team provide other programs like mindset coaching, nutritional information, and supplemental programs like mobility or strength specific programs. Their nutritional program is taking a new look. There are so many options for losing weight. It could be losing body fat, increasing strength or stamina, or it could just be to improve your eating habits. They will be launching a new program where you can customize your nutrition, workouts, be held accountable, and meet your budget and timeline all in one package. For more information, reach out to Robert at nutrition@3qfitness.com.

No one will know what the new normal will be, but 3Q Fitness will continue to be innovative on making that transition smooth with no stress. “We all got into coaching because we enjoyed the in-person aspects of coaching and helping people transform their health and fitness: helping individuals reach goals, become more self-aware, and experience bright spots in the moment during a coached session,” Coach Robert says. “Our “new normal” will still involve the elements above, it just now opens up so many pathways to help people reach their health and fitness goals - more online supplemental programs (running, flexibility/mobility training, fueling for your goals), more ways for Tribe members to connect and communicate with us, and more opportunities to reach a broader audience.”

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