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Earlier today, the Garland Chamber of Commerce staff was made aware of a fraudulent website appearing to represent our organization. An observant citizen called the Chamber office after receiving an email from the domain asking him to join the Chamber. Being a resident of another state, the individual found the request odd and did a Google search to investigate the legitimacy of the request. He quickly found that the Garland Chamber's website is at, NOT .net, confirming that the email had been a scam attempt. We extend our gratitude to the individual who reported the incident and want to pass along a warning to our members and residents to be on alert as well.

Red Flags to Watch For:

  • The Garland Chamber of Commerce website is No other URLs or domains exist on behalf of our organization.
  • The Garland Chamber of Commerce is located at 520 N. Glenbrook Drive in Garland, Texas. We do not request that membership checks be mailed to any other address or P.O. Box. 
  • The Garland Chamber of Commerce has eight staff members, each of which work in our local office and have a email address.
  • The Garland Chamber of Commerce logo is an emerald green square with a white G-shaped arrow in the center. No other logos represent our organization.
  • The Garland Chamber of Commerce does not use stock photos on our website. We're a part of the community and images used online represent the community we serve.
The Chamber staff and our IT solutions provider are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If you have been contacted by an individual claiming to be with the Garland Chamber of Commerce that is not a member of our staff, we encourage you to report the incident as fraud with the Better Business Bureau. If you are ever concerned about the legitimacy of an email or phone call you receive from the Garland Chamber, we invite you to contact our CEO, Paul Mayer, or President, Karina Olivares.

Paul Mayer, CEO
(469) 326-7444

Karina Olivares, President
(469) 326-7474 

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