Garland Chamber Announces Small Business Health Plan

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The Garland Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce new health insurance plan options for its small business members. Made possible by Association Health Plan rules issued by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) in July 2018, the Chamber and its Affiliated partners established the North Texas Employer Health Plan Cooperative to offer health coverage advantages traditionally out of reach for small businesses.

“The opportunity for this new flexibility is due to an Executive Order issued last fall by the White House that allows for the creation of Association Health Plans for small employers with 50 or fewer employees. Those regulations were finalized in late June,” Chamber CEO Paul Mayer said. “Using the efforts of the Lubbock Chamber who actively urged and provided input into this new rule, we have followed their lead and worked diligently to explore solutions we could bring to small businesses in all of North Texas without delay.”

Chambers have regularly expressed the healthcare-related concerns and needs of small businesses in Texas with Congressional delegates, who also applauded the new USDOL rule.

Under the new rule, small businesses can enjoy the flexibility that large businesses have under the Affordable Care Act by pooling together through a geographical region. Until now, small businesses have been under more stringent Affordable Care Act regulations than large businesses.

The new North Texas Employer Health Plan Cooperative has worked closely with an insurance carrier partner, who has recently shared the news with its agents. Several Chambers have partnered to create a cooperative that will benefit small businesses, which makes up nearly 80% of the economy.

“The Chamber has carefully and thoughtfully evaluated options on behalf of our members, to whom we know we are accountable for finding the best solutions for the issues that keep them up at night,” Mayer said.  “By working with other Chambers in North Texas, we can create a strong option for small business.”

Texas Chambers have provided detailed input to the U.S. Department of Labor on Association Health Plan regulations earlier this year and in May, traveled to Washington D.C. to discuss the importance of this issue with Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

As servant leaders and a role model of performance excellence, the Garland Chamber of Commerce is the trusted force for positive change. Since 1895 the Chamber has worked diligently toward fulfilling its purpose as “The Connecting Source” for the more than 500 businesses it represents in North Texas. For more information, please contact Alexander Helgar at (469) 326-7454 or email To check the eligibility of your business, click here.

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