Garland Chamber Signs Strategic Alliance with U.S. Small Business Administration

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The Garland Chamber of Commerce just expanded its resource network in a big way, by forming a strategic alliance with the United States Small Business Administration.

On Aug. 10, 2016, the SBA and Garland Chamber formally signed a Strategic Alliance Memorandum to develop and foster mutual understanding and a working relationship between the SBA and Garland Chamber of Commerce. Both entities, though serving different functions, will work together in the spirit of cooperation and open communications, consistent with the law, with the primary goal of meeting the needs of the small business community.

Throughout the Chamber’s 120-year history, small businesses have been a critical component of Garland’s economy, and thus a key area of focus for the Chamber’s programs and initiatives. Though the economy has grown and evolved quite significantly since the organization was established in 1895 as the Garland Commercial Club, the mission of helping local businesses grow and thrive in the Garland community has never wavered.

Because of the Garland Chamber’s renewed focus on the small business community, as evidenced by the addition of staff member Christian Ostergaard, Small Business Specialist, and the growing list of small business resources such as SBDC counseling services, educational workshops and one-on-one visits to assess and address small business challenges throughout the city, an alliance with the SBA is a natural next step in helping start, maintain and expand small businesses in Garland.

The mission of the SBA is to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business by providing financial, contractual and business development assistance and advocating on their behalf within the government. SBA district offices deliver SBA programs and services to the public.

The Chamber and SBA have separate services and resources which, when delivered in coordination with each other, will provide maximum benefits to the Garland small business community. To further their common goals, the Chamber and SBA agree to specifically defined responsibilities under the Strategic Alliance Memorandum.

The SBA, through its Dallas/Fort Worth District Office will provide the Chamber with up-to-date information about SBA’s programs and services, provide speakers to participate in Chamber events and invite Chamber-affiliated businesses to attend local SBA-sponsored events and trainings, among other undertakings outlined within the scope of the memorandum.

Similarly, the Garland Chamber will cooperate with SBA’s Resource Partners to keep its members and local small businesses aware of business development services available, share relevant resources and information regarding training and events, and in general, coordinate with SBA as appropriate to ensure local small businesses have access to everything they need in order to be successful.

The Strategic Alliance Memorandum was signed on Aug. 10, 2016 by Chamber CEO Paul Mayer and U.S. Small Business Administration Regional Administrator Yolanda Garcia Olivarez, who is an August 2009 appointee of President Barack Obama. Herbert Austin, District Director for the U. S. Small Business Administration Dallas/Fort Worth office, also signed.

For additional information regarding the alliance between the Garland Chamber and the U.S. Small Business Administration, contact Paul Mayer, CEO.

*Much of the information contained in this article was pulled directly from the Strategic Alliance Memorandum between the United States Small Business Administration and the Garland Chamber of Commerce.
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