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Purchase masks at CVR Up, owned by Andrew Gilbert.

Under the management of Andrew Gilbert, Texas Counter Fitters has gone from warehousing a few sheets of stone to now producing millions in revenue and making many homeowners happy.

Andrew likes to work with his hands. He started Texas Counter Fitters (TCF) with two other friends and $3,000 in his bank account. They had to holster their stone against the wall because they couldn’t afford an a-frame. Then slowly but surely, TCF grew and grew to where they are today, being one of the largest stone providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  

Through the COVID-19 crisis, they have seen some slowdowns in orders, and that was expected. Many people don’t want strangers in their homes during this pandemic. Andrew was looking for a way to continue to help the Garland and surrounding communities. He started researching how to produce face masks. There are many components to official surgical masks, but a face mask for families and individuals going to the store don’t need to be so fancy. The wheels started turning.

One afternoon, a few of Andrew’s employees mentioned that their wives were laid off or were furloughed due to the coronavirus, and they were looking for something to do. These were households of two incomes, and losing one was detrimental. Some were already considering cutting on expenses, like two vehicles, because they were not able to afford them anymore. This was an opportunity. If these women knew how to sew, they could start making face masks for the first responders.

Some of the ladies didn’t know how to use a sewing machine, but that was no issue. Last Saturday, these ladies were trained on how to use a sewing machine, Andrew provided them with the material, and now CVR Up is producing 1,000 face masks daily.

We have a stone expert, that in a few weeks was able to bring together community members to help produce face masks for first responders. Andrew has seven seamstresses, who are working from home to keep them safe and are making money to help the community.

“It’s amazing what can happen when the people you bring together feel valuable,” Andrew, now the owner of CVR Up Protective Masks, said. “Now we are looking for more seamstresses to help us meet demand.”

CVR Up donated 500 face masks to the Garland Fire Department this week and will continue to donate to first responders in need.

The face masks are made in the U.S.A. with 100% cotton, cotton blend, or polyester blend. They are perfect for going to essential businesses. CVR Up Protective Masks is looking for people who want to help the community making face masks. If you or anyone you know is interested in making face masks, contact Andrew Gilbert.

Interested in purchasing masks from CVR Up? Visit their website to shop and submit your order. 

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