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In recent weeks, the Garland Chamber invited you to participate in the Garland ISD Community Input Survey and Focus Groups. Our partners at Garland ISD have been diligently working to gather feedback from the community to help with strategic decision-making as there are many levels to developing the strategic plan for the district and the input of local professionals like you is critical to the process.



Community Input: Garland ISD hosted education summits and online survey invites for general input.

Focus Group Feedback: Garland ISD staff met with community and business leaders, district leaders, principals, parents, students and teachers for targeted feedback.

Learning Innovation Framework Design: A process to help clarify Garland ISD’s vision for the ideal learner experience based on the characteristics, skills, and traits that our community desires for students in our schools.

Action Team Planning: All data will be shared with a Design Team consisting of community members, parents, staff, and students who will use the data to create a framework for action for the District.

Implementation: After Garland ISD Board approval, District leadership determines how to implement the strategic plan over the next three to five years.



June 2019

Summits Conducted

  • June 10 – Team GISD
  • June 10 – Community Input Summit

Online Survey Opened June 10

Focus Groups

  • June 11, 13 at GRCTC

Online Survey Closed June 28

July 2019

Learning Innovation Framework Design

  • July 22, 23, 30 at GRCTC

August 2019

LEARN Rubric Design

  • Aug. 5, 7 at GRCTC


Strategic Design Process Presentation to Board of Trustees


Board Votes to Approve the Strategic Design Process


Strategic Goals

An exceptional education has long been the focus of Garland ISD. Their top responsibility is to provide a rigorous, innovative educational experience that prepares all students for college and careers, along with developing meaningful relationships between schools, families and the community in a safe and secure environment.

The Garland ISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent Dr. López have created specific objectives to establish and define District academic targets.

The work of the Board and the District will continue as departments and campuses collaborate to develop action plans and data reporting steps. As these efforts advance and data points are collected, updates will be provided and shared so that progress on key performance indicators can be monitored.

Goal and Objectives through 2024-25

Garland ISD will ensure ALL students graduate prepared for college, careers and life by increasing student performance measures, postsecondary readiness, and graduation rates and decreasing student management incidences.

Ten objectives have been identified to achieve this goal. Click below for more details on each objective.

Objective A: Early Literacy (Reading)

Objective B: Early Literacy (Writing)

Objective C: English Language Acquisition

Objective D: Scientific Understanding

Objective E: Mathematical Proficiency

Objective F: Post-Secondary Readiness (SAT Exams)

Objective G: Post-Secondary Readiness (AP Exams)

Objective H: Student Management

Objective I: Graduation Outcomes

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