Importance of Giving

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Homelessness is becoming the topic of choice at business meetings. There are homeless people sleeping on store fronts, coming up to business owners as they open their stores in early mornings. The City of Garland has taken an active role in addressing homelessness by working with nonprofits, faith-based partners, and offering a homeless liaison to handle all issues.

“Homeless is not that 60-year-old, bearded, weather-worn looking man …,” Homeless liaison, Wendy Sheriff with Garland Police, said. “What we have are people as young as 17 and as old as 80.” The City of Garland has many more resources to help, such as Down Payment Assistance, Emergency Solutions Grant Program, and Fair Housing. Nonprofits like The Salvation Army, Hope’s Door New Beginning Center and The Matthew 25:40 Project help homeless people with shelter, food, clothing and find jobs.

For many years, the Garland Chamber and Leadership Garland have partnered with nonprofits and collected toys, food, and supplies. This year, during the 32nd Annual Prayer Breakfast, the Chamber is partnering with The Matthew 25:40 Project to collect blankets and jackets to give to the homeless of Garland.

As wonderful as it is to receive gifts, it is important to remember the holidays are about giving back and gratitude. The National Retail Federation estimates that consumer will spend collectively $678.75 billion during the holiday season. Even if you are not able to attend the 32nd Annual Prayer Breakfast, you can drop off blankets and jackets at the Garland Chamber, or you can contact The Matthew 25:40 Project and donate directly.

The homeless population is highly visible, but rarely noticed. The City of Garland, nonprofits like The Matthew 25:40 Project and events such as the Garland Chamber’s Prayer Breakfast are actively working to help those in need. Together, let’s make it the “most wonderful time of the year!”

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