Making High-Level Relationships

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Don’t you wish you were only one relationship away from growing your business?

The main reason why businesses join the Garland Chamber is to expand their relationships. Many think that one relationship is all we need to grow our business, but that is not the case. Relationships take time and effort until they are cultivated into a referral machine that provides leads for your business.

The Garland Economic Development Partnership (GEDP) was created in 1995 in an effort to build a sustainable economy. The partnership connected the City of Garland, the Garland Independent School District, and the Garland Chamber of Commerce. Over the years, the partnership has proved the value in creating relationships and how the collaboration has grown each of the organizations.

The same applies to your business and your relationships. Direct Connect is a great gateway to creating an effective referral network, but it doesn’t end there. The Garland Chamber has created programs and initiatives with the intention of you utilizing those relationships created at events, such as Direct Connect, to cultivate your referral network and assist you in generating effective leads.

The SPARK (Strong Partnerships and Relevant Knowledge) Luncheons are another example of where you can build strong partnerships. All members are invited to this event, including GEDP investors. The value add is pre-assigned seating and your ability to influence who you would like to be seated with. Guests are strategically seated at tables that will maximize their reach in establishing stronger relationships with their preferred prospects and/or referral partners.

The Women’s Business E-nitiative (WBe) and Propel: Young Professionals programs bring the ability to nurture your relationships even a step further. By creating an inviting environment for women in business and young professionals, these two programs bring a targeted audience where you can create a specialized referral network.

Annual events such as the Business Expo and the Golf Tournament make meeting high-level prospects fun and entertaining as business takes a step outside.

There are many opportunities for you to network, create partnerships and cultivate your relationships into a tangible referral network. Reach out to the Chamber staff to learn more about how you can start making high-level relationships.

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