Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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  • Don’t forget the basics. All businesses need a name. Once you have the name for your business, purchase the domain for your website. There are many website services that are free like Wix, Google, and Wordpress. Starting a website for your business will put you in the 64% of businesses that do have one.
  • Verify your Online presence accounts. 63% of searches are done on Google. 65% of customers search on their phones. Microsoft Bing is known for longer search queries. Verify your online presence accounts for customers to find you when they search online.
  • Follow the Rule of Three. Writing blogs and articles about your company can be exhausting. Follow these three rules when writing content: keep it simple, be consistent, and always respond to feedback immediately.
  • Use content marketing. Search Engine Optimization works by grabbing keywords from your website and boost your link to the top of the search list. Implement keywords in your blogs or articles that you post on your website to help optimize your search.
  • Use Social Media! 90% of businesses have a social media account and use it for marketing purposes, and with good reason. There are approximately 3.68 billion people on social media. Social media is where to be right now, don’t put this aside.
  • Tell a unique brand story. How did you start your business? What makes your business unique? Use your brand story to gain loyal customers that can be ambassadors for your business.
  • Have a schedule. There are tools like Hootsuite where you can schedule social media posts. Use similar tools to help free up your time for other equally important tasks.
  • Focus on the customer, not the product. Many businesses start with a passion. Find the target audience that will love your product as much as you do. With your unique brand story, your customers will become loyal customers.
  • Emails are not dead. Email Marketing is a low-cost strategy that can help you reach more of your customers. Obtain customer emails to start another form of communication with your target audience.
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