2021 Marketing Trends for Small Business

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We are half way through 2021 and many positive changes came for small business marketing. As customers move online, small businesses are competing with large companies for their attention. Here are a few trending tips to implement in your small business marketing strategy.

Focus on the Customer Experience

Over 80% of smartphone users do research on their phones. What does your website look like on a device? Is your website smartphone ready? This is a tip that has caried over from 2020. Since your customer is out there looking at your content on a smartphone, adapt and make sure you offer a user-friendly site that incorporates images and that is short, simple, and to the point. 

Make Culture Part of Your Marketing

Your customers are not just interested in your product or service. People enjoy seeing other people on social media. Don't just post about your product or service, also post about your employees. Highlight an employee of the month, share their likes located around your business, or celebrate their achievements from work. Little appreciations of your staff will increase engagement on your social platforms and let your customer know you are not just revenue focused.

Use Data to Make Decisions

There is so much information hidden in your social media analytics. This tool can tell you the ideal times to post, what content provides more impressions or engagement, and who really is your audience online. Take advantage of this tool to improve your online presence and engage your customers. For more information about social media analytics, listen to our BOLD Speaker, Tom Sadler, talk about building your social media strategy.
BOLD: Social Media Analytics  

We want to hear from you! What tip do you have for your fellow Garland small businesses that could help them make their mark in the city? To submit your tip, email Andrea Hernandez, and you could be featured in the next Chamber Bulletin.

7/15/2021: Information from Marketing Insider Group.

Previous Article Information from May 15, 2020

The pandemic has affected a few things, but it shouldn’t affect the way you interact with your customers, it just moved platforms.

For many businesses, face-to-face interactions is the way to close business. Since the pandemic, small businesses had to make a quick turnaround to become digital. What I mean by digital is improving your website to include online shopping options, being active on social media, and attending virtual events.


Improve Your Website

Everyone knows you need a website. But did you know how important it is to use the website to interact and close deals with your customers? Having a website that is user-friendly, incorporates images, and is short, simple and to the point is key to show your value to current and potential customers. As businesses open on small capacities, take some time to improve your website. Talk with your marketing person, or search a few YouTube videos on your website platform, to start adding images of your product or services, virtual tours of your facility/store, and learn how to add an online shopping feature. All of these tools will improve your value to your customers.


Example: Add a video on your website and social media of your virtual tour. In your video, explain how you will stay safe and protect your employees and customers. This video will show how your business is being proactive and staying up to date with the pandemic.


Be Active on Social Media

Having a great website is awesome, but you need a platform to promote it. Use social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The easiest and cheapest way to bring people to your website. But I don’t mean just post once a week and call it a day. You need to post two to three times a week so when customers think of your products or services, you are top of mind. The posts don’t need to be professional all the time. Find ways to be fun and more people will engage with your posts. Now, a few small businesses use Facebook or Instagram as your website. This is great, but it means you need to be creative and increase your posts. Many ask what platform is best. It depends on your audience. A suggestion is to post across all platforms for three months. This gives you enough data to know where you have the most engagement. Use that information to schedule posts or promote different information to different audiences.


Example: All social media platforms have the ability to schedule posts. Use this to your advantage. As a restaurant, National Wine Day is on May 25. You can schedule a post promoting a wine special on May 16.


Attend Virtual Events

Since the pandemic’s start in March, many businesses have moved their events to online platforms like Zoom, Teams, or Google Hangouts. Many also think that because all events are online, you have more time for events. Be careful with this idea. The more events you attend, the quicker you will become worn out. Choose the events that will increase your business’s visibility for your target audience. If your goal is to create a referral network, join networking events like Direct Connect. If your goal is to learn from best practices, join events like BOLD or SPARK.


Example: Garland Chamber’s Business Expo

If you are looking to display your business product or services to other businesses, being an exhibitor at the Business Expo would be a good investment. For the 11th Business Expo, the Garland Chamber is going virtual and this brings many more opportunities. As an exhibitor, you are able to interact with booth visitors through video or chat. You can also include a preview video of your services before you visit with people. When you register, it asks for your LinkedIn profile. Why? Because the system creates a virtual business card for you. You connect with those businesses you find valuable and they receive your virtual business card at the end of the event. Many tools in one event to help increase your business visibility.



There are many ways to increase visibility. These are the ones we find most valuable. You have a best practice you’d like to share? Reach out to Andrea Tamez and we will include your best practice in the next newsletter.

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