How to Prepare for the Business Expo

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We’re off the see the…EXPO! And the theme of this year’s event is Wizard of Oz! If you’ve attended a Business Expo in the past, you already know that the Chamber invites Expo guests to vote for the best decorated booth. Last year in our Monopoly Business Expo, Silver Creek Assisted Living came in 1st place! Want a shot at the prize this year? Here a few tips on how to decorate your booth:

  • Recap on the Wizard of Oz
    • If you’ve already seen the class 1939 film, you are good to go. Find the piece of the movie that fits your company theme and go to step two. If you do not know about or never seen the film, pop some popcorn and take the time to watch it. The Wizard of Oz was awarded 98% Rotten Tomatoes score and 8 out of 10 IMDb. It’s most definitely worth your time. After watching the movie, find the pieces of the movies that fit with your company and check the map to find the perfect spot.
  • Check the map
    • When you register your business for the Expo, Project Director Liza Ceniceros will email you to invite you to choose where you want your booth to be located. If you watched the film and you want to decorate your booth with flying monkeys, then Winkie Country would be the spot for you. If you are decorating your booth with the yellow brick road, Munchkinland would be a great location. With a Wizard of Oz theme, we have four different sections:
      • Munchkinland
      • Haunted Forest
      • Emerald City
      • Winkie Country (Wicked Witch of the West Castle)
  • Get decorations
    • There are many places you can find booth ideas. Pinterest is one example and will give you a variety of display ideas. We recommend that you order your decoration at least two weeks ahead of time. For this event, give yourself a décor-order deadline of April 12. Booths are 8 x 8 or 8 x 6 feet and may have electricity available. If you need power indicate that on your registration agreement, or contact Liza Ceniceros at (469) 326-7477 or at
  • Prepare to network
    • The purpose of the Business Expo is put the local businesses of Garland on display, but there’s a reason we ask for two people per booth: we want businesses to connect at the Expo. It’s great to talk to everyone who comes up to your own booth, but you’ll also want to connect with other exhibitors. During the event, plan with your partner how you will engage with other businesses there. We suggest having one representative stay at the booth while the other talks to half of the room, and then switch to allow the second representative to cover the other half. Find a good plan that will work for you – just make sure you mingle!
  • Have fun!
    • An average of 300 people attend the Business Expo each year. To attract people to your booth: (1) make your display stand out with your decorations, (2) arrange your table properly by putting larger objects in the back and smaller in the front, (3) if you will have power, have a video to catch people’s eye, and (4) promote your booth on social media. Bring your clients, family and friends to see our booth and showcase your work. And at the end of the day, have fun meeting people and making new connections.
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