President Trump's Guidelines to Reopening the Economy

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On April 16, 2020, President Trump announced the guidelines for opening up the economy. It will be up to the governors to decide how to restart the economies in their states. 

The new guidelines known as Opening Up America Again outlines a three-phase process for opening up the economies across the country. There are now suggested dates in the guidelines; they encourage states to base their decisions on the data.

Guidelines state that states should move to phase one of reopening after seeing a downward trend of documented cases or positive tests over a two-week period. Under the first phase, movie theatres, restaurants, sport venues, places of worship, gyms and other venues could open with strict social-distancing guidelines in place, but bars need to remain closed. It is recommended that vulnerable individuals remain at home, but some people could return to work in phases though telework is still encouraged.

In the second phase, nonessential travel could resume and bars could open with some restrictions. School and youth activities could reopen.

In phase three, there would be no restrictions on workplaces and individuals could resume social interactions, but seek to follow social distancing.


**Information gathered from the Wall Street Journal.


Read the full Opening Up America Again document below.

Opening Up America Again 

Governor Greg Abbott had a press conference on April 17 at noon to talk about the process Texas will take to reopen the economy. The Governor will lift some restrictions, but still urging Texans to take precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Public schools and youth activities will remain closed for the rest of the academic year.

Retailers can move to a "to-go" service for their consumers beginning April 24.

Starting Wednesday, April 22, current restrictions for surgeries will be loosened. 

State parks will reopen on Monday, April 20. Visitors will be required to wear face masks and continue to follow social distancing, maintaining a distance of six feet apart with those who are not family members.

There will be another assessment on April 27 to announce additional ways to open the Texas economy. 

Read more about Greg Abbott's press conference below.

Texas Process to Reopen Economy

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