Small Business Saturday - Broadway Blvd.

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Small Business Saturday is a once-a-year opportunity where the whole nation comes together celebrate and support everything that small businesses do for the community. Originally founded in 2010 by American Express, it later was cosponsored by U.S Small Business Administrations in 2011. Since then, Small Business Saturday has become an essential time in small business’s busiest shopping season. Shopping small can make a powerful and positive impact in a business’s success, as well as promote a more vibrant community.

Broadway Boulevard spans at least 5 miles in Garland, TX. Reaching from the edge of Downtown to the outer skirt of South Garland, basically touching Mesquite. With that much space, the number of businesses that reside just on that road alone is ridiculous. From small mom and pop shops to restaurants to plazas, you will find so much.      

Spend a day shopping at Yoyo’s Resale, or Second Handz Thrift and Retail or even at Plaza Garland. Spend some time supporting the local produce store like The Local Harvest or even Himalayan Valley Food. And don’t forget to enjoy all sorts of delicious food, everything from burgers to cultural palleted food to a slice of pizza.


This Small Business Saturday will be filled with shopping and eating and celebrating all sorts of small businesses. With each purchase you are supporting a business, a strong, thriving, growing business. Enjoy a happy small business Saturday and celebrate the communities heart, small businesses.

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