Small Business Saturday - North Garland

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Small Business Saturday is a once-a-year opportunity where the whole nation comes together celebrate and support everything that small businesses do for the community. Originally founded in 2010 by American Express, it later was cosponsored by U.S Small Business Administrations in 2011. Since then, Small Business Saturday has become an essential time in small business’s busiest shopping season. Shopping small can make a powerful and positive impact in a business’s success, as well as promote a more vibrant community.

Here in Garland, Texas there are so many inner communities that can be found in every corner. So much culture and diversity are found within every street of Garland. Places like Downtown Garland, Firewheel area, Broadway, Plaza Garland and so much more. So why not support the very heart of those communities, why not be apart of the movement and make the impact.

The community that surrounds Firewheel Town Center is as vibrant as it comes, of course many of the businesses are big corporations. It is like a hidden gem finding those that are family-owned shops, but I promise you they are there.  Take the mall for instance, at first glance you see bigger shops like Macy’s, Victoria Secret, Old Navy, Ulta, etc. But when you look deeper, you’ll find services like tailoring, all the beauty maintenances (hair, nails, eye lashes), and more. Or you will find unique boutiques for every body’s shape, collector shops, to-go sweet treats and more.


Mechanic shops, authentic cuisines, personal services and big corporation businesses surround Firewheel. So, try something new, go to Salt N Pepper Kitchen or to Dos Bros Tacos. Grab some brunch at Tanya’s Café or a Triple meat burger from The Burger House.

However, you choose to celebrate Small Business Saturday, have fun and explore Garland for all it’s glory. Take the whole day and go to Firewheel Town Center. Eat, shop, and support small businesses.

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