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If you haven’t met Chase Tyler yet, stop what you’re doing, open your email browser and send him an invite to have coffee. On the surface, Chase is the chamber’s new hire in charge of Workforce Development. But, like your mother always said, “Never judge a book by the cover.” 

Chase is much more than a program coordinator. He’s an interesting person with a unique past and an even more unique view of the present. Chase has a burning desire to connect, both professionally and personally, with chamber members and local business owners. Ask him what he likes best about his job and he will tell you, “Meeting new people.”


One of Chase’s responsibilities at the chamber will be interfacing with business owners, educators, and teens to promote and escalate the FAME program for career training via a partnership between GISD, Dallas College and local businesses. Why look far and wide for skilled employees when the best and the brightest are right here in Garland? Why try to navigate the system when Chase is a phone call away? Whether you need good employees or you want to help create the workforce of the future, Chase is the connection between both those worlds. 


Chase and his wife, Sabrina, are approaching the point when baby cribs and diapers invade the home. They don’t have kids yet but they’d like to have several. If Sabrina Tyler sounds familiar, that’s because she previously worked at Rosalind Coffee and likely served you that double whatever with almond milk and two squirts of caramel. She was learning the business with hopes of opening her own local coffee shop someday. Want to take bets on whether or not she seeks business advice from the chamber and SBDC? 

From There to Here

Everybody’s life is built around seemingly random and unrelated events, without which they would not be who they are today.

  • Almost a drop-out: Chase nearly dropped out of college in his very first semester but a dedicated professor took an interest in him and made it her mission to make him feel like a part of something. Apart from that one person, he might have ended up selling used cars.
  • Persistence: A persistent young man once noticed a good-looking woman sitting on her front porch and made it his habit to walk by that house every day. Eventually, she warmed up to him. They spoke. They married. They dated. They had kids, one of which was Chase’s mother.
  • College Romance: Chase’s mother was dating a man in college who asked her to marry him but she knew she wasn’t ready yet for marriage. She later met Chase’s father. Close call for Chase, who would never have even been born otherwise.
  • Modern Love: During the Pandemic, Chase met a woman through a dating app who lived nearby in Fort Worth. Via an on-line romance, they fell in love only to discover she actually lived in New Mexico and had only been attending college in Fort Worth. Lucky mistake.

If any one of those events had unfolded differently, Chase Tyler would not be working at the Garland Chamber of Commerce and prepared to buy you a cup of coffee. Call him up and meet for coffee. You already know enough about him to have an interesting conversation and Chase Tyler is a great listener. Tell him your story. 

Chase Tyler | Workforce Coordinator


Office 469-326-7454

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