The First Year: A New Member’s Perspective on the Value of the Chamber

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Neil Barrow, Business Development Officer at local accounting firm Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC (LGT), has just recently officially invested a full year in growing his business network through Garland Chamber membership. As a Garland Chamber staff member, I see the value the Chamber can deliver to local businesses every day, but on the firm’s one-year anniversary, I wanted to know, did he?

Wanting to make sure our resources are relevant, our programs are beneficial and that membership in our organization truly has a positive effect on the sustainability and growth of local business, we sat down with Neil to chat about his experiences in the first year.

Here’s what he had to say…

Jenna Dickson (JD): Why did you join the Garland Chamber of Commerce?

Neil Barrow (NB): We have many clients in and around the Garland area and they recommended we get involved. Being a local company, we are involved in many associations where we can give back our time to benefit the clients that have supported us throughout our 65-year history. It also doesn’t hurt that we gain a better understanding of this community and business culture, especially since one of the largest groups within our firm is manufacturing and distribution.

JD: What value has the Chamber brought to you and your firm?

NB: I find that value is brought to you when you bring value to the table yourself. LGT is able to share our industry knowledge with fellow members as well as learn from others. We love the amount of exposure gained by participating in events, like Direct Connect or the golf tournament, and advertising opportunities with the Chamber. Then it’s about getting involved in a committee and giving back your time and developing those deeper friendships.

JD: What have you learned since joining the Chamber?

NB: Since joining the Garland Chamber as a member, we’ve learned so much about the rich history of the Garland area, as well as its needs in order to grow and develop. Understanding the history and the need for more millennials in the Garland workforce helps us to appreciate the local business community’s goals and objectives in new education practices, growing the downtown area and implementing healthy living initiatives.

JD: Who have you met while attending events with us?

NB: We’ve had the pleasure of meeting staff of the Chamber, local leaders of the community and businesses, and like-minded professionals. Direct Connect has been a great opportunity to dive in and meet a lot of folks in a short amount of time. The connections you make there flow over to the monthly luncheons where you see familiar faces and are able to find similarities in your professional goals.

JD: Final question for you Neil, what motivated you to commit to another year of membership?

NB: The Garland community is like a family and the Chamber is very welcoming by helping new members integrate into the fold. The Chamber makes an obvious effort to support us in meeting the goals of our membership. As for LGT, we are interested in becoming as involved as possible by having an employee on a committee, volunteering at and sponsoring events, taking advantage of advertising opportunities and contributing to the newsletter. The Chamber staff has been equally as ambitious in helping us to become an active participant and is always helping us to find new ways to increase our involvement. With their encouragement to become more engaged, we’ve found the Garland Chamber extremely valuable and look forward to continuing our relationship.


Our staff is truly honored to serve companies like Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC and help local professionals like Neil Barrow reach their business goals. Whether you’re looking for new business connections, workforce training options, or guidance on growth strategies, the Garland Chamber can get you connected. It’s our job, our mission, and our identity. We are, “The Connecting Source,” and we hope that you, like Neil, will find value in your membership with us for another year.

Thank You to Neil Barrow and Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC (LGT)

For 65 years, LGT has served the Metroplex neighborhood from their single location in Uptown Dallas. The firm is comprised of 100 employees who have a variation of professional skills and industry specialization; yet, they all share the same passion to support and grow local businesses with tax, audit and consulting work. In addition to the professional services they provide, LGT hosts 14 educational events a year to provide an advantage to their local community members by helping them remain aware of the continuous adjustments affecting businesses.

Neil Barrow, Business Development Officer
2626 Howell St., Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75204

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