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Since the COVID-19 crisis took over, the Garland Chamber staff has made it its mission to be the voice of the businesses in Garland. The staff updated its platforms to bring you the necessary resources to help your business be sustainable during this time of need. Here are a few ways the Garland Chamber staff has been a guide for businesses.


Dallas County Manufacturers Association Members

Ric Guerrero and Paul Mayer have been busy helping the manufacturers of Dallas County. Through their hard work, many manufacturers submitted best practices about taking temperature protocol, letters stating their employees are essential and providing resources to find hand sanitizer and face masks for employees.

The coronavirus has caused some businesses to lay-off employees, but others have a need for more help. Through the Garland Chamber DCMA relationships, local manufacturers have a pipeline for their employees. 

For questions about where to find employees, manufacturing best practices or have someone to listen to your concerns, contact Ric Guerrero and Paul Mayer.


Small Businesses

The SBA loans and CARES Act loans are bringing many questions to small business owners. Judith Collins (Small Business Development Center Advisor), Andrea Tamez and the Chamber staff are here to make applying for these loans a smooth process. During the Chamber Chat event on Friday, April 3, a small business owner joined the group to ask about applying for the loans. We found out they were going to apply for the wrong loan, and the staff was able to direct them to the right source. 

The Garland Chamber website is full of resources. Guides about the different SBA loans to resources provided by our members to help your small business. Visit our site to view all the resources.

Small Business Resources

BOLD Speaker Series 2.0 is also designed to have topics to help small businesses. The most current topic included a panel of lenders, employee professionals, and CPAs that helped navigate businesses through this time of crisis. The Garland Chamber hosted over 85 attendees for this topic. Stay tuned for the next small business topic on April 28.

Judith Collins is taking all calls to help you apply for these loans. For her contact information and all questions Small Business, reach out to Andrea Tamez.


Checking in with membership

The Chamber staff is dedicated to helping all businesses. With the Business Impact Survey, the Chamber staff received 125 responses with an overwhelming 91% of all businesses being impacted by the COVID-19 situation. Businesses implemented changes in operations and spending even before the Shelter-at-Home ordinance, to ensure their staff are safe at work. The biggest changes were special policies/procedures and practicing social distancing. We updated our website to reflect all the resources that our members found most useful so that the Garland Chamber website can be a go-to place for all business needs.

The staff also reached out to 25 of the businesses to help them with their immediate needs. These businesses needed access to financial assistance, testing locations, legislative updates, and real estate rent relief. The Chamber team was able to answer and assist the businesses with their current problems and would love to answer any of your questions. 

Another big question the business community have been reaching out about is the essential business list. The Chamber staff published an easy to read list of essential businesses to our website and assisted countless businesses to find out if they were considered essential or not. Still in doubt? Use the link below to check the list.

Essential Business List


Virtual Events

The best way to keep the connections alive is through virtual events. On March 26, Alexander Helgar hosted the first Virtual Direct Connect and it was a success. With over 50 attendees, the Garland Chamber was able to keep the same structure of Direct Connect on Zoom. Attendees were able to network in smaller groups, build relationships and promote their business. After hearing Larry Hitchens’ elevator pitch for Williams Funeral Home, Oliver Meza with IFC Roofing was able to connect with him to talk business. 

This event brought good feedback, so why just host one? April will have TWO Direct Connects! Interested in joining? Register for either date below. To watch how it works, click the button below.

4/16 Direct Connect 4/30 Direct Connect Virtual Direct Connect Video


Due to the success with Direct Connect, the Chamber staff brought you BOLD Speaker Series 2.0 on Zoom. The panel of small business professionals were able to answer questions about the SBA loans, the CARES Act, and how this all changes employment for companies in the future. Did you miss it? No worries, you can watch and reference below.

Watch March BOLD


To continue the fun of webinars and virtual networking, Liza Ceniceros brings you SPARK online. Laurie Bouillion Larrea with Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas, and Steven Fischer with OCCUMED Plus, will answer questions about the future of employment and keeping your business healthy for your employees. Join us on April 20 at 11:30 a.m. to hear a presentation that is important to all businesses.

More Details Register


The Garland Chamber is here to help your business during this time of crisis and any other time your business wants to grow. Reach out to staff to talk about your business and what strategies you could implement to keep your business active.

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