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In case you’re among those recent returnees from the International Space Station and haven’t heard the news yet, City Manager Brian Bradford retired on January 17 of this year, following many years of faithful service to Garland. One of Brian’s great accomplishments was recruiting and training his replacement — Judson (Jud) Rex.

Jud brings both experience and passion to the office of City Manager. Before coming to work as Assistant City Manager in Garland, Jud served as City Manager for Dennison, Texas and Town Manager for Strassburg, Virginia.  His passion extends to both the residents and the businesses of Garland, and his core goal is to make city government more understanding of those two groups.

To that end, Jud has already assembled a top-notch team of assistant city managers with the mission of providing a common-sense approach to the vast challenges confronting Garland. He has been deeply involved with the renewal and repair efforts currently playing out in every sector of the city. Jud is wholly committed to the economic and cultural development required to sustain a supportive, vibrant city..

“I want to make Garland a city where every resident can live the best version of their life.” — Judson Rex, Garland City Manager.

 Both as residents and as employers, we can all look forward to great possibilities under Jud’s leadership.

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