We are Accredited! What Does that Mean for You?

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As you all know by now, the United States Chamber of Commerce has awarded the Garland Chamber of Commerce with 5-star Accreditation for its sound policies, effective organizational procedures, and positive impact on the community. Now, what does that mean for you? Why should the Garland Chamber be awarded 5-star Accreditation matter to you?

Being a Leader in the Community

“The chamber has established itself as an advocate for the business community. It has developed an active grassroots network as well as an effective Legislative Affairs Committee. The chamber has fostered an excellent working relationships with elected officials though its Legislative Days at the State Capitol, as well as its Leadership Garland and Youth Leadership Garland programs.” - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber’s leadership programs have been around for quite some time and even after 40 years, they are being recognized as excellent programs. If you want to be part of Leadership Garland Class 41, look out for the application in June or contact Diane Whitlock or at diane.whitlock@garlandchamber.com. This year is a legislative year, and we encourage all business owners who want to know about new bills or laws that can affect their business, to join the Legislative Affairs committee in the Legislative Briefings occuring in February, March, and April to be informed in this year's Legislative Agenda. If interested, please contact Karina Olivares at (469) 326-7474 or at karina.olivares@garlandchamber.com

Board of Directors

“The chamber has implemented an excellent Board Orientation Manual as a part of its as board member onboarding process. The chamber also does an excellent job of recognizing the work of its volunteers.” - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Garland Chamber, like any nonprofit, has by-laws and a mission to uphold. Our board of directors is there to provide feedback and evaluate the Chamber and make suggestions for improvements. The Garland Chamber has been around for 126 years, and it has been the leadership of our board of directors that pushes us to be better every year. We look forward to what this year’s board will pursue to meet our mission and vision for the organization.

Improved Membership Benefits

During the accreditation process, the staff was able to take a deep dive into all programs and membership benefits. The Chamber wants to be on a course of continuous improvement and provide better opportunities of our members. With benefits such as exclusive advertising in the Garland Guide, to helping find the best marketing strategy for your business, the Chamber staff is continuously working on improving its benefits. If you have questions about your membership benefits, contact Alexander Helgar at (469) 326-7454 or at alexander.helgar@garlandchamber.com.

Final Thoughts

“The chamber has demonstrated a good track record of operating a successful chamber and achieving desirable results for its members. The chamber should address the recommendations in this report and pursue a course of continuous improvement. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is proud to Accredit the Garland Chamber of Commerce with our Five-Star designation. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!” - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Garland Chamber staff and board of directors knows this is no stopping point. There is always room for improvement and plan to continue offering opportunities for our members. The U.S. Chamber is proud of the Chamber and the Chamber is proud to the connecting source for the Garland business community. If you are interested in reading the full press release, click here.

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