Why Data Centers are Coming to Garland

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The article, The Cloud Has Walls, published in the 2019 Garland Guide, explored what lies inside the walls of RagingWire the first data center to open in Garland, Texas. RagingWire, located on Lookout Drive, opened the doors TX1 on April 18, 2017 and has a five-phase plan that will eventually total one million square feet on 42 acres of land across five fully-interconnected buildings supporting 80 megawatts of critical IT load. Phase 1 is completed with a 230,000 square foot campus able to support 16 megawatts of critical load.

RagingWire will soon have two data center neighbors here in Garland as Digital Realty and Stream Data Centers have both confirmed plans for construction.

Digital Realty Trust is a California-based data center. They have planned a data center campus that will support 160 megawatts of critical load. Sitting on 64 acres of land, Digital Realty will double the capacity of its neighbor, RagingWire, and expect to build in five phases, 32 megawatts and 280,000 square feet each.

Stream Data Centers acquired 22.6 acres to begin construction of the new Dallas-area campus. Also located on Lookout Drive, Stream will start with a 138,132 square-foot structurally-enhanced data center to support 40 megawatts of critical load, and with land for multiple phases. Ultimately, the campus will total around 400,000 square feet and able to support 80 megawatts of critical load.

All data centers are looking at Texas as a hub to reach the central U.S., with Garland, Richardson, Plano and Dallas proper being top contenders. Garland has been able to become a top player because of its competitive energy rates. Garland Power & Light, a municipally-owned utility, and Oncor Electric Delivery can adapt to their customers’ needs and help bring new developments to Garland.

The Cloud Has Walls

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