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Good business consultants provide clear-eyed analysis of issues that business owners and staff are often too emotionally invested to recognize. Unfortunately, fewer than half of those consultants can grasp the big picture and develop processes that solve multi-departmental problems. Of that minority, only a tiny percentage of consultants possess the self-confidence and integrity to teach those skills to their clients. Nauman Poonja, CEO of Accounovation, is among that tiny minority. He’s a dedicated problem solver and financial assets are simply the tools of his trade.

Understanding how to use a pair of wire cutters doesn’t make someone an electrician. Understanding which wire to cut and when to cut it makes the difference between success and disaster. Nauman’s extensive background in manufacturing provides him with a unique ability to gauge which elements of the process are absorbing too many assets and which elements could make the best use of additional funding. He intuitively understands where and when to cut.

Unlike many consultants, Nauman possesses a burning desire to work himself out of a job by passing his skills on to his clients and helping them wield financial tools more effectively for themselves. If you’re looking for a good consultant, try the Yellow Pages. If you’re looking for one of those rare consultants genuinely dedicated to your personal success, check out Accounovation.

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