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Manufacturing Success: How a Trusted Resource Partner Empowers Business Innovation

By Russell Duckworth, American Bank

Ask 12th-grade me what I thought I’d be doing on any given morning in 2023 and I’m sure that writing a DCMA newsletter blog, whatever the heck a blog is, would not be anywhere on the list. Maybe a video call with my parents back on earth or jetting around in my flying car. I spent that summer in the Converter Clutch machine shop on Austin Street working for Mr. and Mrs. Day and learning the hard way why accidentally sitting down in a puddle of paint thinner is a bad idea, why PPE like a good pair of gloves is a good idea when collecting metal shavings, and why having a Miller Light button on the soda machine makes good sense when it’s 115 degrees at 5pm. Thankfully, the Dr Pepper was ice cold, too.

As my career progressed, I delved into diverse technology projects, from EDI integration at Standard Register to robotics and automation at Fort Dearborn Company. I also tackled finance projects that took me to places like New York and San Francisco, supporting programs for companies like American Express. Coming from Garland, these destinations felt much farther from home than the miles suggested.

Throughout my journey, the lessons from that hot machine shop and warehouse stayed with me: measure twice, cut once; use the right tool for the job; extend respect to people and equipment to keep all your fingers; having a buddy “in the business” is invaluable, and above all, the importance of skilled individuals turning raw materials into remarkable products. Working with clients crafting everything from composite containers to spinal implants, traditional millwork to additive manufacturing with titanium dust, continues to amaze me—from the founders’ visions to their world-class products distributed globally.

American Bank, NA, and American Bank Business Finance play pivotal roles in supporting outstanding manufacturing operations and fortifying the financial foundation of B2B companies to ensure that cash flow aligns with the velocity of innovation and business. Factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, efficiently converts invoices into cash in the bank the next business day. When I was a B2B business owner, I also faced cash flow challenges and understand the immense value that financial tools like factoring can provide.

There are many great bankers involved in supporting the DCMA – and I consider many of these professional to be friends. We are all ready to address questions about business lines of credit, equipment loans, and structured debt when the time is right. If you’re navigating the complexities of cash flow challenges and facing resistance from your commercial banker, then I ask for the opportunity to first become a trusted resource and earn your business.

Russell E. Duckworth
VP | Business Finance
(214) 801-0627

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