Exclusive Small Business Group Health Insurance Plans

Chambers of Commerce were founded on the idea that the power of small businesses is mighty when they unite and join forces. This is why the Garland Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with fellow North Texas chambers of commerce to provide  member businesses with affordable health and wellness coverage through the North Texas Employers Health Plan CooperativeClick here to see the press release 

Expanding coverage options with Association Health Plans will provide huge support for our business members. Through the North Texas Employers Health Plan Cooperative, the Chamber will give small businesses the buying power and flexibility of a large business.

So, your first step in getting in on this benefit is determining your eligibility with the following questions:

  1. Is your business located in one of the 22 counties represented by the Cooperative? Click Here for Map Link
  2. Does your small business have 2-50 Employees?
  3. Is your business a member of the Garland Chamber of Commerce?

If you answered YES to all three questions, you are eligible!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be a Chamber member to participate in the North Texas Employer Health Plan?

    Yes, Chamber membership is one of the eligibility requirements for participation. To learn more about the Garland Chamber and the benefits members receive, click here.

  • How do I purchase a plan?

    Contact any of the Chamber's health insurance providers, or contact Alexander Helgar at 469-326-7454 for a referral. To find a broker in our online membership directory, click here.

  • How much money will my company save?

    Company savings could be as much as 15 percent depending on factors including employee demographics. Your broker can help you determine whether the plan is an effective option for your business.

  • How will my business and our employees be rated?

    No medical underwriting is required for our North Texas affiliate chambers of commerce members. Guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions. Rating is based on company demographics and census information, not based on health conditions.

  • Is this a "skinny" plan?

    NO, these are NOT “skinny” plans. These are the most popular plans that are offered today to large employers nationwide. Benefits include: unlimited lifetime max; preventive care covered at 100%; $0 co-pay telemedicine benefit on most plans (unlimited); personalized weight loss program with one-on-one virtual coaching (included at no cost); quit for life smoking cessation program with one-on-one coaching (included at no cost); maternity benefits and coverage (all plans);prescription drug coverage (all plans); mental health/substance abuse coverage (all plans); $0 doctor visit for children (under 19) available on most plans (unlimited); national network coverage

  • Who do I contact?

    Once you've verified your eligibility by answering "YES" to the three questions above, contact Alexander Helgar at alexander.helgar@garlandchamber.com or 469-326-7454.

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