Small Business Council

Small businesses in Garland face a variety of challenges, many of which can be addressed through a simple, candid conversation with a local expert. The trouble is, we see businesses every day that just don't know where to turn for help. The Small Business Council bridges the gap by providing forums for entrepreneurs and experts to meet and discuss the business's most pressing issues.

The Council hosted its inaugural workshop on Feb. 14, 2017. In 2018, the Council will also bring the BOLD Series to Garland small business owners. The BOLD Series contains a progression of education that leads business owners through a process to become more profitable and sustainable. Garland business owners can now ask questions, discuss their business, and receive actionable tasks in any or all of the areas in which they need assistance through Chamber-provided programs, made possible by the volunteers serving on the Small Business Council.

Serve as a Small Business Council Featured Expert

The Small Business Council consists of local topical experts primarily in the areas of marketing, managerial accounting, business law, banking, and insurance and financial planning. If you'd like to help local business owners succeed by providing guidance and advice on their most pressing business challenges, you may be a fit for the 2018 Council. Council members use their expertise to offer free guidance and advice with the goal of helping entrepreneurs become well-informed, well-rounded business owners, and to ensure the success of each business in the Garland economy.

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Andrea Tamez
"I'm here to help your small business grow in Garland, Texas"

Whether you seeks resources for sustainability or advice on practical growth strategies, my business is making your business succeed!

Andrea Tamez

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