Resource Partner: TMAC Receives Grant To Help Manufacturers Adopt Smart Technologies

The Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) is pleased to announce it has received a $800,000 grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) to empower manufacturers across Texas with the tools and resources they need to streamline the DoD supply chain via smart manufacturing technology adoption.

Empowering Manufacturers Through Innovation

At the heart of TMAC’s mission lies a commitment to equipping manufacturers with cutting-edge tools and strategies to thrive in today’s manufacturing landscape. We understand the challenges facing today’s manufacturers – from increasing global competition to rapidly evolving technologies. With this grant, TMAC can expand our reach and offer additional comprehensive support to small and medium-sized manufacturers in the DoD supply chain.

One of the key areas of focus for this grant supports smart manufacturing technologies. By leveraging automation, robotics, and data analytics, manufacturers can optimize their processes, improve efficiency, and drive innovation. Through this funding, we will help businesses harness the power of these technologies to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

A Commitment to Workforce Development and Sustainability

Our commitment goes beyond just technology. We’re also passionate about workforce development and sustainability. With this grant, we’ll be able to offer technology de-risk educational opportunities and resources to help upskill the workforce and prepare them for the smart manufacturing jobs. Additionally, we’ll be promoting sustainable practices to help manufacturers reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable manufacturing ecosystem.

Our Offering to You

As part of the grant, we are offering fellow DCMA members who are in the DoD supply chain a cost-free wireless sensor installation which will help monitor building cooling costs during the upcoming summer months. With an estimated 15% reduction in energy consumption anticipated, TMAC aims to further enhance these savings by identifying additional sensor saving opportunities within production activities, such as quality management systems objectives, and building operations.

Our sensor inventory includes water flow sensors to reduce water consumption and associated costs, kilowatt sensors for precise equipment metering to optimize energy usage, and temperature and humidity sensors to help regulate heating and cooling, thereby minimizing electrical usage and associated expenses. Recent ISO updates states that certified organizations should ensure that they have considered climate change aspects and risks within the development, maintenance, and effectiveness of their own management system. Through the adoption of these sensors, companies can reduce their environmental footprint and greenhouse gases while saving on utility usage.

These sensors also provide real-time data, empowering informed decision-making to achieve cost savings. At Collin Street Bakery in Waco, Texas, similar sensors were instrumental in significantly reducing energy consumption within their refrigeration systems. This led to an estimated annual electricity savings of up to 223,000 kWh, and the projected kWh savings are expected to lower cooling costs by approximately $13,500 annually, while simultaneously extending the lifespan of the compressors and thereby reducing facility overhead costs. Additionally, the data collected offered invaluable insights for refining production planning and optimizing refrigeration system utilization at the company.

At TMAC, we are excited to offer this cost-free sensor technology to those in DoD supply chain at any level. We look forward to working closely with businesses across Texas to drive growth, innovation, and profitability. Contact us today if you are interested in a cost-free sensor or visit for more information on technology adoption support through this DoD grant.

Yesenia Zamora
Marketing Manager

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