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New Restaurants in Garland

6 June, 2019

Summer is here! Shorts, sandals, sun and eating out are the best part about summer. Did you know more than 20% of Americans eat out at least once a week at a full-service restaurant? If you are going to be part of that 20% this summer, here are a few new restaurants in Garland you should add to your list.

Small Business Week 2019 Presentations

13 May, 2019

National Small Business Week 2019

7 May, 2019

It is National Small Business Week! Here are all the workshops and webinars the Garland Chamber will be hosting.

Small Business Resources at No Cost

7 May, 2019

If you have a small business in Garland and are looking for free help to get your business started, look no further. The Garland Chamber is here to help.

Small Business Success Story - JCi Creatives

7 May, 2019

The Small Business Grant, like many of the Garand Chamber’s resources, are available to businesses to help them become or guide them to a sustainable business.

Plan Your Trip to the 2019 Business Expo

2 April, 2019

The 10th Annual Business Expo is on April 26, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. There are many activities going on during the four hours of the event. Follow the itinerary below to schedule the time for when you want to attend the Expo.

How to Prepare for the Business Expo

2 April, 2019

We’re off the see the…EXPO! And the theme of this year’s event is Wizard of Oz! If you’ve attended a Business Expo in the past, you already know that the Chamber invites Expo guests to vote for the best decorated booth.

How to Maximize Opportunities at the Business Expo

2 April, 2019

If you’re looking to do business with local vendors, find services to better meet the needs of your business or learn more about what the city of Garland has to offer, you’re sure to find a wealth of information and resources at the Business Expo.

2019 Business Expo Title Sponsor - Frost Bank

2 April, 2019

Thank you Frost Bank for being our 2019 Business Expo Title Sponsor!

Jupiter-Miller Redevelopment Project

5 March, 2019

The former Raytheon site, located at the corner of Jupiter and Miller Road, has been a question mark in the minds of many residents since the day Raytheon closed its doors in Garland.

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